John Wick Martial Arts | Subway Fight Scene Breakdown



Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this Fight Scene Breakdown, we take a close look at the fight scene between John Wick and Cassian on the subway. This fight scene is …

43 thoughts on “John Wick Martial Arts | Subway Fight Scene Breakdown

  1. Kourtney Hanley says:

    Didn't like it thus part cause it made wick And cass look like common thugs instead of topnotch assassins that fight on the train started off good with shanking john wick in secret and that look like gotcha but they never should've went full mortal kombat unless everybody left the train for some reason to much chance the authorities could've got in the way and that's one thing to were are the police

  2. Flower Power says:

    Great, detailed fight breakdown! One note: At 06:16 you see the attacker knee John. Judo is the way of yielding, so he moves away from the knee's forward force and throws the black guy by turning toward the midline. This helps keep the black guy's torso rotated. Its going to be harder to strike with his knife hand when this rotation happens. As John Wick goes into the throw, he imbalances his opponent making it very difficult to attack. You know this, slipping on wet pavement what do you do?…………………………………………………………………………….

  3. Fernando Orlienso says:

    John wick style i like he s throw like judo but still efective is brazilian jiu jitsu style cause is real throw break down and lock and before i yellow belt brazilian jiu jitsu and little know how throw not punch and kick just lock and throw buddy.

  4. Allen Chang says:

    Awesome breakdown however there’s 1 tiny mistake I noticed…the second throw John wick did he turn opposite way from the way you turn before flip the guy over..awesome job regardless

  5. Fabrobin says:

    The throw at 6:16 doesn't really make sense Cassian had his knife hand free and he could've easily stabbed John while he's going down right?

    Edit: oh nevermind I continued watching and you talked about it

  6. Benjamin Johnson says:

    Just a quick note about about the second throw where John doesn’t block the knife or strike before he goes into the throw. If you look closely, Cassian is trying for a diagonal overhand slash and John uses his momentum to carry him over. It’s more obvious in the second camera angle. But keep in mind Cassian has regained control of his knife hand two times previously and each time has tried a diagonal slash, so John anticipates this and as soon as Cassian moves he proceeds with the throw. The story helps explain as well, since they’re both trained in the same style, and have fought – or at least sparred – before, they kinda know each other already. Just watching this one fight, you can pick up on how much Cassian likes his slashes. I’m sure that’s something John knew going into it. (Sorry for the late response)

  7. Lukes AndadorDoCeu says:

    This fight (just like all the others in this movie and the previous one) is totally awesome and so is the analysis/breakdown. Love all your videos, keep um the great work and PLEEEASE, bring us some more john wick awesome fight scenes!!!

  8. Arrested Images Photography and Design says:

    love your video – always been a big fan of well-choreographed fight scenes…..over the last decade I would say there has been a very visible rise in such films – I think we can probably thank Matt Damon and the first Bourne film for that marked trend. The Wick series, the Accountant, Atomic Blonde, The Foreigner, etc etc…. have all had some really well-choreographed scenes. Anyway, I think you guys are on to a good thing as there are probably many other martial arts practitioners like myself who love to see these fights broken down step by step………just this video alone I learned a few new knife fighting techniques that I will surely never use, but just in case I ever do need them it is nice to be prepared – great stuff guys – keep it up !!!

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