John Mac talks SAS hand to hand combat Goshinkwai

SAS vet John Mac goes through the Goshinkwai system as trained with by the SAS and outlines it’s advantages.

22 thoughts on “John Mac talks SAS hand to hand combat Goshinkwai

  1. brian poole says:

    the jury is out on the child porn….but if you don't think mi5 hasn't got a back door through your isp to put child porn onto your hard drive, then you are very naive..most of the politicians, and the judges, and the top military and police, have all been compromised, easy to blackmail, hence easy to control…CIA, mossad all do the same thing

  2. Peter T Ljungman of Revesby says:

    With the deepest respect and admiration: Mr. Mcaleese, with hopes and wishes that your skills are utalized and the "down time" are spent with your favorite lady/ladies, in your personal heaven. I'ts now time for you to be cared fore, watched over and kept safe……………. R.I.P, Ad Memoriam John "Mac" McAleese The perfect soldier in the kingdom of heaven.

  3. starfiremale says:

    I sat and had a few drinks with Mac when he worked behind the bar in The Ship pub,, one thing for sure he was no bragger in fact he was a really nice chap,, last time I saw him he shouted hiya out of the window of a black jeep and gave me a thumbs up, regarding having his new jeep,, never seen him again just heard he had died,,

  4. Rhys Nichols says:

    This is what real self defence is: flexible, practical, effective and easy. I do martial arts and a lot of the moves are too complicated and long, luckily we get taught short sharp techniques too which works very well. Probably SAS he spends a few months training would be more lethal than your average black belt

  5. Welshhh says:

    matt to think i am best friends with this guys son. crazy world i remember meeting this man and despite what hes done or seen he is a funny and a fucking incredible guy. RIP mccy

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