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  1. SF CPT says:

    CORRECTIONS for ahem, "WAYNE GRETSKY", who claims to be Dutch, and now speaks perfect English, hahaha! Why are you such a lyin', fakin' stalker?

    1) Mykel Hawke and the Entire SPECIAL FORCES ASSOCIATION, including General Guest, proved Teti was a lying, forging coward and fraud.

    2) Discovery proved Teti was a pyscho when they fired him for killing puppies and kittens on set in Bolivia and then Teti threatened to kill the babies of the crew members and they had to escort Teti out of country and lock him out of their offices.

    3) FOR THE RECORD, Mykel Hawke is STILL SERVING in the RETIRED RESERVES until age 55. So, point of fact, he is STILL a CAPTAIN.

    Teti spent alot of time trying to claim Hawke was not an officer or a captain because it bothered him greatly that Hawke was so legit and Teti was such a phoney.

    So, why now all of a sudden does this fake Wayne Gretsky care about Mykel Hawke and why does he all of a sudden, know so much about CAPTAIN HAWKE's military status?

    Sure does seem like Gretsky is here with a purpose and a plan of dubious and criminal intent. You see, if he's being paid, he's committing a felony as CPT Hawke has a LIFETIME PROTECTIVE ORDER and if he's someone else faking to be a Gretsky, it's a direct felony violation of the PPO.

    So, who is this supposed "Dutch man" who cares so much about this American woman, calling Teti a liar (Because he is and it has been proven in court, already.) And why is he stalking this poor sap's page about this cheap imitation knife… ?

    Gretsky says he doesn't care, but he comes here 3-4 times a day, at crazy hours of the night, makes lots of ugly comments and death threats, then deletes them so folks can't see how insane he is…. but it's all being saved and documented.

    So, the real question is, WHY Wayne?
    Why hate and want to kill this woman over some internet post?
    Is that in any way sound normal or sane to you?
    I can assure you, to the world watching- it paints a very mentally disturbed picture.

    And why do you come here attacked a real U.S. Army Special Forces Officer,
    Green Beret Combat Veteran and legitimate RETIREE, whose only action
    was to state the facts- that TETI IS A LIAR AND FRAUD.
    And it was proven, yet, here you are defending Teti and attacking Hawke?
    Where does that pass any common sense test?
    But it does amply demonstrate that you have perverted logic
    and skewed sense of reality, if in fact, you have a grip on reality at all.

    And talk about being seriously mentally deranged and demented-
    to keep coming here as often and as angrily as you do and you keep posting
    and you keep attacking and why?

    All anyone here ever said, was TETI IS A LIAR, FORGER & FRAUD.
    Those are now documented, legally proven facts.

    Yet for some reason, this disturbs you so greatly
    you'd come here to threaten to kill a strange American woman,
    attack and defame a legitimate American Military Officer,
    and do so on a 3rd party page about an insignificant tool,
    and yet, you claim to be a Dutchman with no interest or connection to Teti…
    None the less, daily, you come here many times and post violence?

    Hmm, it is pretty evident that you are either a liar, or mentally ill.
    Might wanna up your meds or see a new doctor.
    Cheerios ol' chap!

  2. Jacob Kirts says:

    Ok. I'm 15 seconds In the video and I am already dying laughing. The "Lamborghini" of knife makers? Really bro? Are you thick? Don't get me wrong. Tops knives are great BUT there are A LOT of knives that are just as good or even better. So once again this neanderthal really has no idea what he is talking about. Tv is fake af but joe is more fake than them all.

  3. SF CPT says:

    wrong- teti allegedly killed 2 dogs, when the crew freaked out, he went out and brought back to their hotel, a cat, that was sliced up with a knife, tried to say the cat was attacked by the dogs and that's why he killed them. the cat died. teti then tried to force the crew to swear they wouldn't speak on it again and recorded it on his phone video- when they refused, he threatened to kill them and their families. that is why theY snuck the crew to a new hotel, and out of bolivia without telling teti, then had security escort teti to the airport and put his mentally deranged butt on a plane, then discovery channel issued a "lock door and call police" order with teti's mug shots, left, right and front on the order. this order and the email issuing it was subpoenaed and proven fact.

    so, sorry, that is not how a hero acts nor is it how a hero is treated. discovery knows teti is a dangerous and unstable person that's why they fired him in the middle of a season, in the middle of an episode, used old footage to wrap that show, replaced teti with an emergency casting by discovery using french horwitz, who confirmed these facts with all the folks who were canidate replacements. i have the statements from them, from the folks on the ground in bolivia and from the crew before cody was wrongly fired.

    so, these things were going on before teti sued the special forces and was proven a liar, forger and fraud, they were going on when the hawke family got a protective order against teti for life and they went on right up until teti turned on discovery themselves. these facts are documented, so are other facts that teti had serious issues before discovery hired him and during each of the 5 times they renewed his contract and failed to dO basic due diligence. so, yeah, i speak truth, i have the facts and the world is gonna see them in court and/or in a book- the truth will be known and shown so that others do not have to die in vain.

    discovery is still airing his shows, knowing he is a liar, fraud and menace to society, they commit stolen valor and false advertising every time they do, and they risk more lives both with his unqualified advice in his shows and with the potential for putting him back on the air if others continue to wrongly think he is legit.

    so, everytime i get attacked, i will post more and more truth and i will post it multiple times on the attacking thread- so the fakes can't delete my truth and continue to hide and i will share it on other posts so the truth will only grow with each attempt to attack and lie. (FRANK DUX is to thank for today's post- i have him blocked, so i don't see him, but the stupid person doesn't realize, i get a documented email each time he posts that allows me to save it for the authorities)

    DUX- i am a green beret and i will fight your lies forever. thunderbird is the word and it's word is TRUTH. and not even sure where that retarded comment from you matters? and grey as gandalf? you might consider checking your prescription, your meds are failing you… or inject some more and just go all rhoid-rage… eitherway, what a sad fool and stupid person you are. 🙂

  4. Walter Hertenberger says:

    I'm sure that plenty of people will disagree with me but I don't believe in just having one knife. I keep multiple knives on or near me for different purposes – ranging from a Ka-bar to my Boker auto-open pocket knife. Carrying a few knives is worth whatever "weight" they add.

  5. SF CPT says:

    For anyone who is not a liar, fraud, fool, dupe and/or otherwise cowardly fake profile here defending lies, when the facts speak for themselves, here is a list of links for those legit people wanting to find the truth. (See below)

    People have been beaten, shot at, brakes cut, and businesses hacked, all as recently as this very weekend (Mother's day 2017) and we have sworn statements from others that these are the kinds of things he has done in the past.

    And Teti's own admissions, in deposition, under oath and on video and in transcripts, which we have, that Teti admits to paying professional hackers, like MARK RYAN of The MAHALO Agency, to make fake websites, impersonate a police officer, lying about speaking to Psychiatrists that diagnosed Hawke as mentally ill and claiming that Discovery Executives vetted Teti and that makes him legit, since they "know" more about Special Forces & Combat than the Special Forces Association and all the Generals, Colonels, Sergeant Majors and Medal of Honor Recipients.

    So, Teti has made fake profiles, fake pages, fake sites and has had pros and friends attack others, given them false quotes to post, told them where to post them, including on the Hawke Family pages and professional pages, and Teti has asked them to make more fake profiles to attack others. So, when we see stupid profiles making and defending lies, we defend ourselves with truth by proof and posting facts, jack.

    Teti was fired for allegedly killing 2 dogs and a cat in Bolivia and they had to sneak the crew out of country without telling him, then escorted him to the airport with security and then issued a warning to their NC office where Teti lives, to call the cops and lock the doors if he shows up. There are facts and we have the statements to prove them.

    So, either all Teti's Special Forces leaders are liars, OR- Teti is a liar. The facts prove he is. All of his leaders, from 3 different units, in 3 different states over his shabby and shoddy 8 year stint in the national guard with ZERO COMBAT, when he was kicked out of one unit ran away from the other and then quit on the 3rd at 9/11, all of them say Teti was a crappy and shameful soldier.

    Teti lied about Military Service to get on TV and he got paid for those lies, That is Stolen Valor. 3 men died on his show, LONE OPERATOR, where he lied about 20 yrs in SOF when it was only 8 and he lied about 10 yrs in combat when it was only 1, only as a contractor and he didn't even go until 3 yrs after 9/11- then he was fired from all 3 of those contracts, too.
    Teti was the HOST, PRODUCER and "EXPERT" on that show, and I have his contract to prove it. 3 Men are dead because Teti lied and Discovery FAILED TO VET HIM.

    Teti lied his first minute on tv and claimed to be SERE (Special Forces Survival School) He lied to get on a survival show and he was hired as a "Survival Expert", and I have that contract, too and that is a complete lie. Teti never had ANY formal Survival training until AFTER they hired him.

    And Teti was proven a liar who used forged military documents (Felonies) to get on the shows and to sue his SF brothers who actually did go to war, served with honor and retired, all things Teti never did but he did lie about. The SF General proved Teti was not a Combat Diver and that is yet another lie Teti made on TV, so, anyone who is still defending Teti is a liar, fake and/or fraud themselves, or they're a verifiable moronic imbecile who is too foolish to own or see that they are a dupe. Here are just some links, that speak the truth. Peace.


  6. Monique Marie says:

    Joe "LIAR & FRAUD" Teti was proven to be a LIAR by 2 Star General Guest who testified that teti had filed his lawsuit with FAKE & FORGED Combat Dive Diplomas (2 FAKE & FORGED DIPLOMAS). teti withdrew his lawsuit WITH PREJUDICE. teti can't make a fire without gasoline & a lighter, teti couldn't survive without a crew and the other REAL SURVIVALISTS. teti was FIRED from dual survival for killing 3 dogs and slicing up a cat that he carried into the hotel and then he THREATENED TO KILL THE CREW AND THEIR FAMILIES if they talked about it. Discovery Execs had to fly the crew out of Bolivia without joe knowing and then they banned him from their North Carolina properties and told their employees to call the cops if teti showed up. teti lied about his military resume and committed Stolen Valor by collecting money on those lies.

    teti was NOT Force Recon (requisites are Combat Dive, which teti failed, and S.E.R.E level C, which teti NEVER took. teti NEVER saw combat while serving and was kicked out of every unit he was in. According to Joe's Military Commanding Officers, Joe teti is a 'dangerous sociopath' and 'teti is FAR BELOW SPECIAL FORCES STANDARDS' and they were preparing paperwork to bar teti's reenlistment, revoke his security clearance, and to STRIP him of his SF Tab…So all of you ass kissers who want to blow smoke up a LIAR'S ass, keep on while the rest of us see teti for the LOSER he is.

    Article where teti's Special Forces Commanding Officers speak out about what a suck ass soldier teti really was…..

  7. Constantinos Hadjigeorgiou says:

    Hahaha what a moron! Always talks like he knows something but he's just full of crap. A Lamborghini you idiot? The might look pretty but nobody ever called them reliable. They break down all the time just like your shitty knife. I hated you from the first moment you appeared on that show with your cocky I know it all attitude and you stupid annoying military slang and you 'missions' and your 'tactics'. That show was shit to start with, but they must have lost some kind of a bet to bring you in

  8. Fire Watch says:

    Paul Holstein, why are you hiding or deleting my comments and letting Steve Smith who is probably Teti himself, Post?
    That speaks a lot of whose side you are on in this mess against the SF. Doesn't look so good for you, Brother.

  9. Some dude says:

    WOW , I dont know if I just made a mistake buying this knife or if everyone is saying they dont like the knife cause of this joe teti guy .

    Sounds like a sheeple argument to me " ruined a good discovery channel show " TV is for brainwashed sheeple .

  10. Alex Artang says:

    that bulky piece of shit looks like something from steven seagals fever dream, brash, way too heavy, and lacking in any real usefulness, in that respect i suppose it represents teti's name pretty well

    maybe if you wanted a pry-bar or something to baton to shit but in that case your money would be better spent on an axe and a crowbar

     this prick thinks hes schwarzenegger in commando or some shit, delusional.

  11. andrew thomas says:

    Joe Teti is a lying punk ass pussy descovery channel most have some stupid fucks believing that this dude was a real worrier he might have somehow got in the special forces I don't even think he deserves a place in the national Girl that's national guard for u non military folk's that's just what we called them don't get me wrong those guys are just a big a part of the US winning a war as the seals delta force and rangers I'm not going to set here and Bragg on my military career but unlike mr teti I NEVER RAN FROM A SINGLE FIRE FIGHT and I sure the fuck never stole nothing from my squad HE isn't nothing but punk ass pussyfied BITCH and if the motherfucker wants to take it up with me email me back I'll meet you anywhere so fuck you bitch unlike you I payed attention in basic and in my special forces training I know all about you and ever time it was time for you to go out on patrols you always acted like you where sick or there was something wrong with your leg or back why don't you just admit it your a pussy when bullets started flying his people knew where his ass was hiding and it pisses me off cause I would have DIED FOR ANY MEMBER IN MY SQUAD YOUR JUST LUCKY YOU WASN'T IN MY SQUAD CAUSE I WOULD HAVE DROPPED YOU MY MOTHERFUCKING SELF YOU SELFISH PUNK OOPS FRIENDLY FIRE SORRY BOSS didn't see him standing there specifically how he was running away from the fight I thought he was a enemy soldier and descovery channel fired Dave Canterbury for telling a little white lie who the fuck hasn't lied on a resume or a job application a little bit at least Dave Canterbury has plenty of confirmed kills teti don't have one and no you can't count that ridiculous pig kill bitch boy did on dual survival and if I had to say so myself that pig was more than likely the first thing his bitch ass ever killed and this just proves my point myke Hawke had to get a restraining order against Joe because was saying stupid shit like I'm gonna break in your house and your going to wake up with me at the foot of ur bed cause myke knows the truth about him I'm sure if Joe would have said lets meet somewhere myke would have obliged him but Joe knows myke Hawke would have handed him his ass in paper bag cause myke Hawke is the real deal not some bitch that just claims to be so here is what I got to say to you Joe Teti FUCK YOU POSER

  12. jeff schnablegger says:

    You didnt design Shit..You were proven a liar and you ruined a bitchen tv show. I wish Cody Lundin would have picked up a Big Log and Barry Bonds you right in the Head! Everybody knows your full of shit. Now your broke and got nothing

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