Joe Teti on Mag Retention (Speed Reload vs Tactical Reload)



Joe Teti talks about magazine retention, speed reloads, tactical reloads, etc. Joe Teti gives his vast knowledge and talks about his experience on magazine …

46 thoughts on “Joe Teti on Mag Retention (Speed Reload vs Tactical Reload)

  1. 范碧凌 says:


    Joseph Teti 你是一位超級強的軍事奇才!!!!

  2. greg guerra says:

    This duetche is the biggest fraud out there, he has never seen a second of combat, he would always claim he was sick when it was time to man up and head into combat…

  3. Musashiprodigy says:

    Dude, pressing a trigger is a fine motor skill, so is pressing the mag release, so is finding another magazine and putting it in the gun. The whole fine motor skills thing is over done. I know about it and accept it, but if you train hard enough on something it will work. Also fighter pilots are able to press buttons, pay attention to different screens, fly, prepare weapons, etc. All while being shot by sometimes hundreds of people. If they can do it, so can we.

  4. Musashiprodigy says:

    I enjoyed this quite a bit. I agree that probably 80% of the time, it is going to be as Teti says, but I still think it's a good skill to have in your tool box. Also One of the SAS operators of Bravo Two Zero in the first gulf war, actually did exactly just that, he fired one or two rounds in the prone and before supporting his buddies assault on some Iraqi BMPs tac reloaded and stuck the partial down his jacket. So it has been done.

  5. DANIEL CARL Walker says:

    I thought the strap-drill you & cody used on that island was pretty cool.I have never made a fire that way . Will hafe to try it out .It would be a good way to teach fire in a group setting …..Peace,Blessings &Success brother……..

  6. DANIEL CARL Walker says:

    …..Not commenting on this subject , because all I have is a 22' and a homemade Cypress bow, LOL……. Me & my fiance' love your show!
    We had a BIG dis-agreement about that ''tree shelter,'' where the bats were. I felt the area could have been cleaned & grass layed down as a bed . You & Cody have us dis-agreeing quite a bit ….Thanx! 4 keeping it real !!!

  7. EveryDaySquared says:

    so you're saying your life is worth less than $100? think about what you are saying with that statement. btw if you're paying $100 a pop for mags you are part of the reason prices are that high. don't deal with gougers.,,,period.

  8. BigJDinCT says:

    I don't think Joe is saying "drop the mag and forget about it", but rather while you're in the fight, the last thing you need to think about is "I'll need this empty/low round count mag later…better retain it." Survive the fight first, collect your mags after the threat is handled.

  9. CaptainBerz says:

    So all your preps will be where, did you magically forget to prep mags? Cause if you lose a few you should have zillions back with your preps, I would imagine..

  10. superwatler says:

    I disagree with Joe… in the military you can go to the armory and get more mags. Us preppers don't have that luxury. He had a support team, we won't. Retain your mags. Use a dump pouch. I've never heard of people clipping mags to their belts.

  11. andy101506 says:

    Wow, so let get this right, if I'm under cover not actively being engaged I just leave my mag there for the enemy to pick up? It's called an emergency reload for a reason, you do it in when speed is of utmost importance other wise retain your mags!

  12. APARTMENT .223 says:

    I could see mag retention if for some odd reason zombies were real. I'm talking slow walking zombies here. No chance of resupplies or some shit. Cool video, Joe is a good guy and knows his shit. Period.

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