Joe Teti (Dual Survival) Talks Home/Personal Defense

Joe Teti talking home/personal defense. Joe Teti tells us what guns and gear he likes, which tactics Joe Teti uses and thinks make sense. Joe Teti is the Co-Star …

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  1. marlon juanico says:



    When the DCIS (FEDS) investigate someone and they conclude through evidence that there has been a CRIME, that is usually Proof Positive that someone is in legal trouble.
    However, because there is a lot of money involved with prosecuting, the DCIS has stalled on Teti's crimes and by doing so has permitted Joseph Teti to hunker down behind The Discovery Channel while the Discovery Channel makes money off of Sponsors and Endorsements for their show 'Dual Survival'.

    Joseph Teti has hired David Redding, a former SF Officer who did not Retire as such, to defend him in a SLAPP Lawsuit against the ENTIRE Special Forces Association (over 3000 Honorable Retired Special Forces Men), Captain Mykel Hawke (Retired SF Officer & 4 time Green Beret), Scotty Hughes (Retired Marine who outs Military Phonies), and myself Monique Marie. The Lawsuit is riddled with LIes and is meant to Silence all of us while Season 5 of 'Dual Survival' makes Teti and Discovery money. The Lawsuit is also meant to drain us Financially. The one thing Teti nor Discovery counted on was we would not be Silenced. So Teti tried to silence us by a TRO and then an injunction. Only thing is, we can still speak the TRUTH. We were ordered not to speak 'falsely' or make 'defaming' comments on social media. We have always ONLY spoken the TRUTH.

    Out of all of Joseph Teti's hundreds of pictures on Facebook and his embellished Resumes, he has never shown himself wearing his Marine Uniform with his COMBAT DIVER BADGE. WHY? He claims to be of the elite top 1% with Halo/Dive, however, his Combat Dive School Records clearly show that he Failed Combat Dive. Has his attorney DAVID REDDING seen Teti's MARINE DD-214 and has REDDING seen Teti's COMBAT DIVE BADGE?

    We also have an Email from the Execs at Discovery Channel that says they did not feel the need to VET Teti's Resumes as Captain Hawke had told them to do. So, out of the 83 documents that Teti claims to have given Discovery, did they look at one of them and did they receive his Marine DD-214? And did they VET Teti and his 83 documents with anyone who would understand MILITARY SPEAK?

    Teti Claims to have worked for Triple Canopy in 2000-2002, HOWEVER, Triple Canopy DID NOT EXIST until 2003 AND Teti was still in the Miltary until he got out a day BEFORE STOP LOSS went into effect in December of 2001.

    Teti Claims to be a Combat Veteran with 3 Tours of Iraq & 5 Tours in Afghanistan in a video for the show 'The Sheriff' (TOURS describe military deployment. Rotations describe Contractor assignments & Teti does claim to be a Combat VET of OIF, OEF, & Haiti. He never contracted to Haiti only served during a Humanitarian mission, and he claims all 3 'TOURS' in one sentence, thus claiming a CIB, thus committing Stolen Valor as he was never deployed during OIF or OEF and only started to contract in late 2003 according to his tax records).

    Teti Claims 2nd Force Reconnaissance: Requisites: Phase 1: S.E.R.E
    Phase 2: Combat Dive……Teti never attended S.E.R.E & he failed Combat Dive.

    Teti Claims to be Delta Force, HE WAS NEVER DELTA FORCE.

    Teti Claims Special Operations for over 20 Years.(Same as Cody claims in the Discovery video introducing Teti as Cody's new partner, LOGIC dictates that Teti's RESUMES contained this information, the TRUTH Captain Hawke has been saying all along)…..Teti was National Guard for 8 years, never deployed as SF Green Beret into Combat, got kicked out of most of his Units for Stealing, Violent Tendencies and Lying. Contracted for a year on and off and got fired from all Contracts for Stealing and Lying.

    There is so much more, but this is the general idea of why Teti is being challenged by the Special Forces Community and why so many civilians stand in support of the Special Forces Community. Joseph Teti has LIED. And his LIES are being protected by the Discovery Channel because they did not VET Teti properly and they gave him a show called 'LONE OPERATOR' and first week of filming 3 men died. If Teti would not have LIED on his resumes, he never would have gotten a show he pitched to French at Discovery based on Special Forces Operations and those men would still be alive, logic dictates.

    Quotes from Teti's Team Commanders and Team Mates from Miltary Times Article:

    "I believe Joe is a sociopath [who] could be dangerous to those he believes have injured him," writes Sgt. 1st Class Daniel McClain, Teti's former team sergeant, in a letter to the Special Forces Association that is part of a formal response in an ongoing lawsuit.

    "I personally have heard him claim to have burned out a competitor to his Las Vegas cleaning business. And, I witnessed him describing threats he made to others. He seemed to brag about this activity," McClain writes.

    "I knew he would always be a problem," writes Teti's former executive officer, Lt. Col. William Sharp, in another letter, part of the SFA's 50-page rebuttal to the lawsuit filed by Teti late last year. Sharp, now with U.S, Special Operations Command, writes that he was preparing paperwork to bar Teti from reenlisting, revoke his security clearance and strip him of his Special Forces tab, before Teti left the unit on his own.

    "Teti is far below Special Forces standards, he is an embarrassment to Special Forces and Special Operations," writes Sharp, listing a litany of allegations.

    Joseph Teti has slipped through the Legal Cracks for far too long. DCIS should do what is right and prosecute on the known crimes he has committed. Innocent Retired Special Forces suffer while Teti is permitted to continue to profit off of his Lies. Discovery Channel is responsible also for good and Innocent Retired Special Forces Men being made to suffer this injustice just so they can make money.

    **ALL Posted here can be proven. CNN iReport will not allow me to speak so I converted an old post to get this TRUE information out. Visit our sites on Facebook for the Proof….
    Facebook Site:

    Military Times Article on Teti being a Problem Soldier:

    Charlotte Observer on 1st Amendment Rights and Teti's Lawsuit:

  2. GregKoziol says:

    The only situation where having more than 4 mags would be useful for a small force (less than 5 people) engaging an active shooter you may need suppressive fire to pin them down especially if they have automatic rifles

  3. USCommando says:

    isnt this dangerous for Joe to talk about his location, carry option, how often he carries, and giving locations of his firearms because of his past actions in the military?

  4. Douglass Gatto says:

    What about low income apartments where the people who do not get involved in the bad stuff? My girlfriend and I cannot afford a dog, or a cat, she lives in a low income apartment complex, and her neighbors are meth addicts aka tweakers, who constantly harass us. I want a happy healthy life for us not this crap. I know Cali is strict with laws, but this is one person who I feel I worst than most Taliban and Iraqi's that I have met.

  5. Grandpa the Grey says:

    5:42 … Teti's advice about having warning signs for a badass dog tells me right there he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. Installing a "Beware of Dog" sign on your property is an admission you knew in advance your dog is dangerous and capable of inflicting serious bodily injury. That's what the judge told my brother after his dog removed three fingers from a trespassers left hand.

  6. MegaDaddyjake says:

    I think its funny how the 1% are all scared too and wanting to learn how to survive from people like Joe, and at the same time telling us that there is nothing to be scared of and labeling us terrorists for owning more than one firearm.

  7. Logic Bob says:

    "Its really great how businesses like that movie theater in Aurora, CO, can decide, 'I really don't want my law abiding patrons to carry guns in my establishment', that way, a guy like James Holmes only can ignore a half a dozen other, larger, theaters that were closer to his home and pick the only theater in a 10 mile radius with a 'no guns' sign to massacre as many innocent people as possible WITH A GUN." That sure IS great!

  8. Logic Bob says:

    I can't believe I have a gun on me more than Joe friggin' Teti! I totally understand his reasoning but putting the gun on when you "think you need it" is nuts and as much as I respect the man, how is he gonna say we should "always have a spare mag" when he doesn't even carry every day? :-/ That cert pistol drill is pure win though! Do they have a timer built into them?

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