Joe Rogan on self-defence martial arts

cut from Joe Rogan Experience #550 with Rupert Sheldrake.

34 thoughts on “Joe Rogan on self-defence martial arts

  1. moncorp1 says:

    Yeah, but 99 out of 100 guys you meet on the street have had no training. And that one guy who has hasn't necessarily had enough training to classify as a trained killer.

  2. Brian O'Kongkohr says:

    Best defense is to stay in your room – meet no one but your mom on the way to the fridge, every once in a while, as you train EVERYDAY at the highest levels of Doom and Call of Duty to round your skills out. No living being has even come close to threaten me since! Especially now that mom gave up nagging me to get a job. Top that – combat bitches!

  3. Brian O'Kongkohr says:

    OK – fine, no hanky over eyes fighting a dozen fully armed trained killers. But what does Smart Axx Rogan guy have to say about REAL master guys who shoot laser beams outta their axx. I once knew a guy that heard a guy that SWORE – that's right – S-W-O-R-E he saw a guy do that. Like once. And that guy swears that other guy wasn't a cartoon anime or manga guy. He SWEARS it. EXPLAIN THAT, Joe frickin' Rogan.

  4. Zachary Phee says:

    I think there are good points here but however most Krav Maga gyms now teach boxing and Muay Thai to enable their students to be able to defend against combos and kicks without using specific techniques.

  5. Dan Iacobescu says:

    It's funny how Joe Rogan makes fun of traditional and self defense martial arts because his idol, Bas Rutten, when he shows self defense techniques, he only shows techniques from these arts that he and Joe Rogan make fun of. They say BJJ is the best but when Bas (his actual name is Sebastian, what a faggot name, he had to adopt the nickname "Bas" to look tougher, but he isn't, he's just a faggot) Rutten shows self defense moves, he only shows techniques from Ninjutsu and Japanese Jujutsu.

  6. Retired USMC says:

    "The Greatest victory, is gained by the fight not fought". learning and being aware of your surroundings and avoidance is key, knowing how to fight when needed is the second step in ones own safety.

  7. ITEOTWAWKI61 says:

    Joe – interview Marc the animal macyoung for a good perspective on fighting versus attempted murder (Assassination) and the range of things in between and all the legalities thereof

  8. ITEOTWAWKI61 says:

    The very old forms of Chinese boxing that were taught secretly for hundreds of years always assumed that your opponent was equally skilled. All of the offensive and defensive moves can be used to just throw a person off, to hurt them enough so they stop bothering you (like breaking their elbow or just dislocating another joint) or killing them. There is no sport involved and no gloves. And weapons are always involved first if possible. Nobody fights barehanded if they have a weapon. There is no fighting like a joust or some type of fencing contest when martial arts were used to defend dignitaries or Caravans or what armies do, defend cities and Nations and civilizations. Old martial arts as I wrote above have the ability to just restrain people or just get them out of the way for example when moving through crowds of admirers where one or two might have bad intent. Even today when a police officer could simply draw their firearm and shoot a troublemaker dead, they are restrained by Rules of Engagement that say the person needs to be restrained and cuffed without any permanent injury such as dislocated shoulders or broken knees Etc, which is extremely difficult to do even for four or five grown men trying to restrain a young woman who is high on PCP and flailing about with all her strength. Sometimes the taser doesn't work.

  9. ITEOTWAWKI61 says:

    Joe – There Are Rules clearly they doubt in the NFHS rule book for high school wrestling that deals with blind wrestlers. Usually it's a blind kid going against a sighted kid. As soon as they break contact for any reason the referee will blow the whistle and reset them where they were. Neutral, top or bottom.

  10. nocturnesdreamscapes says:

    What if I don't want to be a muscle bound meathead and would rather do things to lower my blood pressure and calm my temper. In my line of work, I deal with drunk stupid people that throw punches because they can't control their liquor, I don't need to be a muscle bound goon that rolls around on the floor with another guy to prepare myself for that.

  11. daboodeef179 says:

    if you look at musashi. a lot of the training in his style involves mastering ki (qi) and the mind and spirit. You understand Musashi got heavily involved in Buddhism. And anyone involved in real Buddhism knows that Buddhist meditations aim to raise your perception beyond the physical dimensions and in some of these meditations your energy raises to its peak with enough practice I like you Joe but sometimes you make no sense when you claim that internal energy and mysticism is fake then praise a person who heavily practiced that stuff…. there is a lot of bullshit out there, but when you meet people who really "got it" you know that it is real. There are books about Dien Xue (dim mak) but a lot of them are fake used to make money and mislead people. If you want real internal training you gotta learn from people like Bruce Frantzis and Jerry Alan Johnson. If you can you should meet Shi Dejian and Wu Nanfang.

  12. kerry scott says:

    My problem with all this is. when it is said Kung fu and other martial arts styles bullshit,(not in this video, but in others) but if your a mixed martial artist, you are taking pieces from other styles to make your own. it wasn't bullshit when you took a part of it. this is an example of us disrespecting what came before.

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