29 thoughts on “Joe Rogan – Is Steven Seagal Legit?

  1. William Hull says:

    I'm sure other people buried in the comments have said it, but just in case they haven't: FYI, Aikido was founded in the 1940s, as a 'spiritual representation' of Bushido, by a man who claimed that a magic spring "turned my body into a golden one" (quote from his wikipedia page). It didn't exist until long after the age of the sword was long past.

  2. monkey says:

    Let's be real. YES AIKIDO WORKS… on someone who is weak, off-balance either because they are drunk, sleepy or physically crippled, and has zero to very little martial arts skills. Let's not hold ourselves back, let's just be real.

  3. Samurai Prophet says:

    Everyone has this misconception that Aikido is defensive, but real Aikido is to kill any attacker in an instant by instigating the attack by timing, then with years of training you master and never have to kill.

    There are 3 problems with Aikido:
    1- in the dojo you never fight or struggle, so no one gets hurt or killed. So for most Aikido practitioners there is no fight training.
    2- Not all Aikido is the same, there are some f-d up Aikido styles that are soft flowing crappy and ineffective. Yoshinkan Aikido is real and effective.
    3-all Japanese learned Judo in school and Karate first, then take Aikido, as more advanced training.

    Ps, I do not think Bjj is effective street fighting, bar bouncer or combat war fighting style. You pin one guy and get stomped, stabbed or shot.
    Don’t f with a Aikido Master who studied judo, karate and was a bouncer street fighter. In the street you can use small and big circular movements break bones, eyes, nose and throat attack. Octagon fighting is just a sport.


  4. james fiaco says:

    I seen a lot of small joint manipulation in his moves which means you're snapping bones tendons ligaments basically grabbing a part of a person's body and applying pressure in a direction that the body was not designed to go in. Extremely effective

  5. james fiaco says:

    His movies were always about exposing opposing corruption within the legal system which included big corporations polluting corrupting damaging devastating mother earth and all the various different forms of life that live within this world. Entertaining educating good times.

  6. mark mark says:

    I like rogan personally but he lacks credibilty on many subjects because he's colored by his left-wing-libtard indoctrination-though i suspect he may be" in on the joke" of globalist zionist propaganda-remember the bolsheviks make sure that they infiltrate every aspect of society in order to indoctrinate

  7. Casey Henderson says:

    Hey Joe, I hear you know a little MA yourself. Care to tango? Lol. J/k.
    But on a serious note, you should touch on the topic of Hapkido in a podcast.
    It's one of the not so well-known MA's out there, but is so very effective.
    It's Korean, founded by GM Choi, who was in Japan for 30 years prior to WW2.
    It's an almost PERFECT MIX of Judo, Aikido, Karate, and some Chinese stuff like Qin Na ("Chin na", joint locks and control/manipulation), and Tai'chi (a couple of soft meditative forms, to hone our Chi, or 'Ki' as it's called in Japanese and Korean).
    Anyway, I'm doing Kim Jin Pal hapkido, who is the teacher of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, believe it or not. Also, Steven Seagal had a little training under him. But Jackie & Sammo were in their late teens when they learned Hapkido from GM Kim in HK for a few years in the late 60's. CHECK IT OUT!!!! It's totally legit, and this is all totally true. My GM is a Hispanic and his GM is a Vietnamese (who's GM is Kim). They are 8th, 9th and 10th dan, respectively. I'm proud to be a red belt (one away from black). Anyway, Hapkido also does kendo and weapons.. even umbrella and canes. Our school has been to Paris, the Whitehouse, and so many other places, for demonstrations, over decades,.. It's trained Secret Service, police, etc, and has had special private bodyguard training as well (very expensive!). GM Kim was bodyguard to LBJ when he visited Seoul. And has been in several movies himself as an action star. Other Hapkido masters have worked in movies with Bruce Lee, Jackie, and Sammo. In Game of Death, the villains are all Korean Hapkido masters (not Japanese, lol). such as Han Jae Ji, and Ing-Sik Whang (in the 2-story restaurant scene), who both are also in the 1972 movie "Hapkido" playing as basically themselves (master and senior student) with Jackie (who was an extra), and Sammo Hung, Carter Wong and Angela Mao starring. I wouldn't be surprised if GM Kim (whom I have yet to meet) had met or worked with Bruce. He taught in HK for a few years in the 60's-70's.. He also has a school in Saigon, where my Vietnamese GM has recently 'retired' to (He's about 85 and been doing Hapkido for 65 years.. 4th generation). ANYWAY, you should really look into HAPKIDO! Would be nice to hear you talk about it indepth. 🙂 Cheers from Houston. ps- YOU ARE ONE COOL AF DUDE!!!!

  8. Casey Henderson says:

    The guy in the old black & white video is Mifune, student of Kano Jigoro (founder of Judo). That video is well known 🙂 Kano sent out some of his students around the world to spread the art, one being Maeda to Brazil, who was "one of five of the Kodokan's top groundwork (newaza) experts", according to Wikipedia. BJJ is over a hundred years old now!

  9. Alexander Howell says:

    There are many questions as to who could beat this guy or that, what style is best, or what style is crap. Any one who has trained for enough time understands that we as people change. We grow older, weaker and slower. Steven was the first American to go to Japan to learn aikido. He is legit. Now whether you believe that it is relevant by today's standards is personal opinion. There are many joint locking techniques that are relevant in a street fight, with weapons. But it is an old style, created when melee weapons were used in combat. But any fool that says MMA can win isn't thinking things through. A person that has trained in aikido, karate and judo is a MMA fighter. MMA is mixed martial arts by definition. So yes if an MMA fighter were to face an aikido fighter, MMA would win. Because they are using techniques from multiple styles at once. That does not mean that Steven is a fake. It means that only using one style severely limits your abilities in combat. Bruce Lee was an MMA fighter. Chuck Norris is not. Steven is not.

  10. Kameleonic says:

    Stopped at 2 minutes as this shows some ignorance dude. Firstly, yes Seagal is a legitimate Aikido teacher. Secondly, questioning Aikido as a fighting art in the the 2000s, a hundred years after its creation in relation to modern fighting styles is simply pointless. Thirdly, at 2 minutes you say 'Kendo': if you don't know what Seagal is doing, why comment on it? There is a huge difference between Kendo, Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu etc. And none of these are relevant against e.g. MMA. There is no question: Seagal is a well trained Aikido practitioner, an arse yes, but still legitimate.

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