Joe Biden's Self Defense Tips! (How Wrong Can Someone Be?)



In this informative video, Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge discusses the errors and wrongful information that Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden espouses …

31 thoughts on “Joe Biden's Self Defense Tips! (How Wrong Can Someone Be?)

  1. Van Ford says:

    If FBI director Christopher Wray wasn't so disgustingly corrupt then Joe and Hunter Biden would already be in prison for treason and child molestation instead of running for public office!!! The FBI has been in possession of Hunter's abandoned computer for months but has shielded and protected him and dirty Joe!! When is our federal government going to finally get around to cleaning that FBI cesspool out? It's time to take out the trash folks!! Due to a hand full of corrupt upper level FBI political appointments our once highly trusted and respected FBI is starting to smell like the public dump in the middle of July during a heat wave. I know there are a lot of good, decent patriotic Americans that work for the FBI but, quite frankly, if I was carrying an FBI badge in my pocket right now I would be embarrassed to show it to anyone.

  2. Avee Velasquez says:

    I hate to say this but I did research on Donald Trump too and a lot of people don't know what the f*** he's doing in Israel with his son-in-law Jared kushner they are bringing in the tribulation.we're screwed either way and Donald Trump is going to force the vaccine on you I promise you

  3. Still OnCourse says:

    I read some of your audience's comments here. Some middle schooler minds you've gathered here. You are/were a school teacher after all. Shepharding the flock of morons to vote how you like. Disgusting.

  4. TennesseeSniper says:

    Sad thing is , he is not the endgame. Kamala Harris is the real President target for the left. Nancy and congress already working on the 25th amendment, plus hunters laptop is the evidence that ends Joes career. Vote Vote Vote people

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