JKD Training – EPS 3 Hand Drill Part 1

Bruce lee developed the art of jkd (jeet kune do)for real fighting. Master wong jkd includes trapping techniques , lock and hold,dummy,sparring and full contact …

29 thoughts on “JKD Training – EPS 3 Hand Drill Part 1

  1. Franco del juaquintomas says:

    master wong, you are very good sifu i've learned a lot about your body weapon!! i am a filipino and i feel like inosanto learning from you!its a good thing that martial arts is very important to us coz we dont know wat its gonna happen to ourselves!!i hope that someday we meet each other master!!

  2. 29mayhem says:

    @antoniodevivo What do you think the base system of jkd is? Wing-Chun! Who did you train with in jkd? There is only 4 men certified by Lee to teach jkd! So beware ! JKD is a concept! Not a form! So M. Wong is free to express jkd concepts within his mastery of Wing-Chun! Because #1 they flow together & #2 it is the base system of JKD. 🙂

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