JKD Training – EPS 11 Knife Training Part 3

Bruce lee developed the art of jkd (jeet kune do)for real fighting. Master wong jkd includes trapping techniques , lock and hold,dummy,sparring and full contact …

4 thoughts on “JKD Training – EPS 11 Knife Training Part 3

  1. kike N.B. says:

    hey Mr Wong you'r great man and i like your philosophy, i would actually say you are Bruce lee's chosen one to do what he unfortunately couldn't keep doing.
    I was wondering if you can come up with a video of Bruce Lees high kicks tail whips

  2. T Frye says:

    no disrespect but anyone trained with any knife training is not going to lunge like that their more than likely going to go for a slashing movement and will have it concealed until their ready to use it…though is is good for all the cowards out their that pull a knife out hoping it will be an easy win

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