17 thoughts on “Jiu Jitsu knife defense system

  1. Darkshadow says:

    LOL at the idea a finger could simulate a knife, also these clowns must have forgot that the knife wielding attacker could switch hands. BJJ is plenty useful on a one one attack, assuming the person is unarmed, against a knife just run.

  2. uchim4ta says:

    It’s like saying I’m gonna train bjj in order to learn about guns. Weapons training is another animal. Bjj is great regarding the ground fighting element no doubt but like in the previous comment it’s over simplistic.

    KISS only applies after you understand the full dynamics of a particular mode of combat. Knife work or anything blade related is all Filipino Martial Arts and if you want the most updated mil spec application of FMA Pekiti Tirsia Kali is where it’s at.

  3. Berto Singlamung says:

    ok no disrespect but what if he punches you with his left hand when your 2 hands block his right arm with the knife? and after punching you with this left hand, he withdraws his right arm and stabs you massacres you the way a boxer throws a combination of jabs?

  4. SAVAGE Combatives says:

    There are some things I'm not the biggest fan of here, but what I really like is his emphasis on principles. Using the same principles we use in our everyday BJJ training, you can stand the best chance of surviving a knife encounter.

  5. Street boxing UK says:

    In terms of body mechanics, it's okay but, it's very risky. As someone states below, pattern for typical knife attacks is almost always an attack by surprise with initial grab and repeated stab. Sharp's cross body approach struggles with this as does the attempt to grab a tense powerful and erratic stabbing wrist. Better would be an attempt to hit that bicep/shoulder area (because it doesn't move much) and because you definitely need to stop the knife because a kitchen knife (most common killing knife) gives the attacker much more range and much less need to twist the shoulder , you can then try to tie up the stabbing arm as fast as possible, however possible. This approach at least still holds true if you're already grabbed, grabbed/stabbed by a leftie.

  6. Andy Stephan says:

    Having studied jujitsu for over 11 years and qualified at instructor level black belt, I was always taught to make sure a knife attack was always out of reach so you have full control over attacker. I guess uk is different to USA.

  7. Chris Baldwin says:

    I love jiu jitsu, but this is somewhat over simplistic. Like most martial arts knife defense this fails to account for the free "leveraging arm", which can easily push the framing elbow aside.

  8. Me- Man says:

    What total fucking bullshit.. talks shit about Krav Maga, and then shows some super dangerous move.. even the guy who was fake holding a knife looked like he was thinking "But but.. i can totally stab you anyway"

  9. Richard Bejtlich says:

    The frame he demonstrates is almost exactly what we did in Krav Maga last night. I guess he wants us to think it's part of his Jiu-Jitsu, now that SBG aren't Krav fans anymore. I train KMG and BJJ.

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