Jim West – Brutal In-Close Self Defense Techniques

Many fights start with an attacker standing inches away from you in a tense argument or a verbal assault. The fight moves described in this quick self defense …

22 thoughts on “Jim West – Brutal In-Close Self Defense Techniques

  1. MrDeathd says:

    This was the kind of stuff I was taught by my father a Vietnam vet and found out that if you use it you go to jail for attempted murder At 15 years old I was charged with attempted murder after a man came up behind me put a knife to my neck and tried to rob me  I broke his ankle , ribs and arm So know the laws before you use anything.

  2. James West says:

    Hey guys I thought I would pipe in. It seems you all have great thoughts about this being an opportunity to follow up with head butts, knees, and eye gauges and for some get away. I feel a lot about street fighting has to do with a fighter’s intuition. I agree if you feel it coming on, walk away. if you are cornered and have a determined opponent, it would be best to control the distance, watch the hands, look for escape routes and fire first continuous and last. Stay on the move and don't become a sitting target. You guys are also correct, everything is a weapon and there are no rules i.e. spitting, biting etc. FYI I am 60 now and have made efforts to not get involved in street fights, but I still train and consult. When I was younger and working on the teams, I used to drink a lot and fight a lot. For nearly 25 years I was fighting someone almost every week and around payday sometimes several bar brawls in just a week. For me those days are gone, but the experiences remain and can be learned from when one is confronted.
    I have a book with my memoirs coming out in the future and it is a tell all. My writer is Jack Murphy from SOFREP an online web site.

    Jim "Smokey" West

  3. dananguish11 says:

    Very similar to the concepts of Wing Chun. It's one of the best close-quarters systems, and the primary weapon is the finger jab, target being the eye. It WILL end a fight in seconds.

  4. randomdude19 says:

    While this would definitely be effective, it's why you would need the prison fighting video afterward…it is illegal even if someone is arguing with you to hit the person first+ blinding them adds assault with malicious intent. ALWAYS attempt to cool down an argument first and don't use excessive force until necessary since people will be calling 911. Also, if they're experienced with fighting, and you're not it's very easy to defend against. I'm sure Jim would be fine, but not a typical person

  5. Mat Broomfield says:

    Very nasty. Effective I'm sure. Not to sure about the morality of blinding someone for life or ripping out their trachea over a bar disagreement. Good to have them in reserve if things get nasty.

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