Jim Wagner RBB Training Tool made by Böker

SUBJECT: Jim Wagner Reality Based Blade Training Tool by Böker PURPOSE: Use and safety for edged weapons training NUMBER: 1.01 Knife Attack on …

7 thoughts on “Jim Wagner RBB Training Tool made by Böker

  1. r Negoro says:

    It's simple but very effective man, why do so many trainers not use this idea ? The target has to wear tight fit clothing tho, to make this exercise more realistic, loose clothes make this innaccurate.

  2. raptorrochester says:

    This is an exact rip off from Hank Hayes trainer from No lie blades. The how to on how to prep the blade is EXACTLY the same from Hanks dvd. Skip this POS. If you want the real deal, check out No Lie blades.

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