Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Walking the Gauntlet Drill

SUBJECT: Walking the Gauntlet Drill PURPOSE: To improve situational awareness NUMBER: 3.02 E Walking the Gauntlet SECTION: 3 Group Conflict …

11 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Walking the Gauntlet Drill

  1. Jim Wagner says:

    My comments to the first three people who commented on this video. ElseMush, you are correct, in most situations you should also have loud verbal commands or pleas for the attacker and witnesses to hear. jimuteno, thank you very much. Nightshock1000, there are plenty of grenade attacks worldwide, and should be a part of every self-defense training. Be A Hard Target.

  2. ElseMush says:

    I really liked this. One comment though – why aren't you getting them to use their voices? In a normal situation on the street you don't want the innocent party to be silent. You might be able to call for help. If someone comes out at you with a low grab then back away and fend them off as these guys did well, but better to add a "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!". Shouting "I don't want to fight you, I don't want to fight!" can make all the difference later in a court of law.

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