Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Using a tactical light (torch)

SUBJECT: Using a tactical flashlight (torch) PURPOSE: Using a bright light for a tactical advantage NUMBER: 6.01 Psycho-physical distraction SECTION: 8 …

18 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Using a tactical light (torch)

  1. Mike Johnson says:

    Complete bullshit demo. COMPETENT DEMOs Show an aggressive attacker that doesn't fall to the ground when looked at. Suit up with proective gear, do a real demo. This is terrible.

  2. Mary Finn says:

    Has anyone actually had to do this? I remember my dad, who was trained by the RAF, warning me to carry an ordinary newspaper that I could improvise into a truncheon in an emergency, but flashlights are something new. I have heard of the pens, and umbrellas as well, though.

  3. Jim Wagner says:

    Grizzly vd Linden: It was a great honor to teach at the Amsterdam Police Academy and to be made an Honorary Police Officer Instructor of the same. You all truly PROFESSIONALS, and I am happy that I had the opportunity to share my techniques and training methods. Be A Hard Target.

  4. Jim Wagner says:

    Tsch6373, you're welcome. These are techniques that every school teaching self-defense should be teaching. I'm glad you see the value of this video. Be A Hard Target.

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