Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Urban Criminal Ambush

SUBJECT: Detecting an Urban Criminal Ambush PURPOSE: To increase distance and reaction time NUMBER: 9.07 Pie the Corner, Sidewalk Movement …

12 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Urban Criminal Ambush

  1. Vee P says:

    amazing wisdom Jim. You are on a mission to save lives! Respect! Can-t wait to meet you in person because you-re my hero and the best self defense instructor ever!

  2. Jamie Shepherd says:

    Great advice Jim. I was ambushed by a guy waiting on a corner who punched me in the face as I came around it. Fortunately my martial arts training kicked in and the mugger was eventually taken away in an ambulance, handcuffed to the gurney. But if I had kept my awareness, I might not have needed 8 sutures in my lip. Keep up the great work you're doing here.

  3. chemicalsweet13 says:

    If I were going to mug/kidnap you in an urban environment that's exactly how i'd do it. It attracts minimal attention to myself prior to execution. I just pretend to be hanging out at the corner so any onlookers won't be alerted to the impending attack. Having observed your path of travel I know approximately when to expect you coming around that corner. When you appear I have the element of surprise; I strike you or pepper spray you to mitigate your defense then throw you in my van.

  4. Jim Wagner says:

    MollyTheLag, thank your for your comment. The people around me were thinking, "It's about time. Finally, someone is teaching self-defense techniques and training methods that anybody can learn quickly, and they are the same thing elite police teams and military teams around the world are teaching." Actually, nobody bothered us. The people there are great. Be A Hard Target.

  5. Jim Wagner says:

    To MrFarangKorat, you're absolutely right. Reality-Based Personal Protection is just that – "reality-based." Traditional-based and sport-based martial artists can follow this video and get some good reality-based training. Be A Hard Target.

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