Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Terrorist Hand Grenade Survival Technique

SUBJECT: Hand Grenade / IED Survival PURPOSE: How to survive a terrorist hand grenade attack NUMBER: 1.01 Single Person Survival Method SECTION: 1 …

27 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Terrorist Hand Grenade Survival Technique

  1. Axl Scott says:

    Mr Wagner I'm going g to France and Italy with my school and with all the this going on in these locations I figured to reinforce what I was taught with the royal marine cadets

  2. DanaPatriciaMary1 says:

    Mr. Wagner, thank you for your videos. I have learned a lot from them. And I am afraid that the time when we will need the skills you teach, has already come. Today there were terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium. I am from central Europe and I am sure other cities and places are going to experinece terrorist attacks, too, with the huge immigrant wave coming from Syria and other muslim countries, as there are many terrorists hiding among ordinary immigrants. So thank you again and I hope you will teach us more skills in the future. You are giving us a chance to survive. God bless you.


    Mr. Wagner sir – these videos are absolutely INVALUABLE for us common folk! After watching this one I immediately got my wife and everyone else in the house we live in to go through these drills.THANK YOU for taking the time to upload all your vids – everyone of them is a diamond.

  4. travismccullough1938 says:

    Hi everyone, if you find yourself only able to get 1.5 feet between yourself and a grenade, don't be a victim of duck and cover. Jump right on top of it and get it over with. You don't want to limp away from this scenario.

  5. Ansley212 says:

    1) If it's a real grenade, then these people WILL die if they assume this position.
    2) If this is a homemade explosive device, then running for cover/creating distance is far better.

    In Mumbai the grenades were not used against civilians. The grenades were used to keep the police at bay while they continued to roam and shoot civilians. A single surprise grenade attack is likely as a rogue attack because it offers better anonymity and chance of escape. BUT…a coordinated attack would more likely render such survival techniques mute. Nice video, but this won't save you.

  6. numkie says:

    if you are right next to a grenade you will die. if you are in the lucky area the shrap may just blow out and over you. I would immediately hit the deck.

  7. gala helfer says:

    Wouldn't it help if you yell gernade and dive forward like the way he is laying down, because for what I've seen and used, the gernade would be very effective and will kill you.

  8. Jim Wagner says:

    ryeable, as an American soldier currently, and I have trained with different armies around the world, they all teach that if you are on open ground GET DOWN. There is no way to know how long a hand grenade fuse has been burning. Of course you can still get injured on the ground, but the explosion, especially on hard ground, goes up and out in a cone pattern. "Running" is something that all armies say, "DON'T DO!" Be A Hard Target.

  9. Jim Wagner says:

    vspec15, Dupont makes a good portable smoke hood, but there are several manufacturers you can look up. It all depends on the size you want and the amount of protection. Be A Hard Target.

  10. Jim Wagner says:

    IRGVids, thanks for the feedback. My whole goal in putting up these videos is to save lives. I'll be putting up more videos on hand grenade attacks and defense in the near future. Be A Hard Target.

  11. Jim Wagner says:

    87Thehunted, no, it's not "bullshit." Have you ever heard of the technique "Cooking the Grenade?" Military and terrorists know this technique. You let the safety handle fly and then count a couple seconds to "cook" the grenade to accomplish an airburst or immediate ground explosion. You may not even have a chance to take a step. Yes, if you are right next to cover you get behind it. I say that in the video. But if you are in the open you had better hit the deck to avoid the cone spread.

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