Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Spider Drop

SUBJECT: Spider Drop PURPOSE: How to safely fall in a tactical manner NUMBER: 1.06 Spider Drop (from a tall obstacle) SECTION: Falls COURSE: Ground …

28 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Spider Drop

  1. Adam says:

    bad technique for safety, evasion and speed. Try hastily approaching the wall, plant both hands on the wall, reverse yourself and move your hands to the edge, drop your body down hanging on by just your fingers, the middle knuckle to the tip. lower yourself slowly and brace your self by placing one foot on the wall, the ball of your foot and toes and let the other leg hang freely. release your hand grips and keep your foot on the wall to slow the decent. once you get closer to the ground, push on the wall and turn (you should be turning slightly after releasing your hands), land with both feet on the ground starting with your toes then heels, bend your knees and start to roll from one shoulder across your back to the opposite hip. try to come back to your feet quickly after rolling. this will take a lot of practice.

  2. DisGruntTold says:

    I believe you can learn something new everyday..Im a student of life and I take interest in adding "tools to my toolbox." I've learned a lot in 25 years of life and I pride myself on being a jack of all trades and also being a survivalist no matter what the situation. Thanks Again, you're the man! Where from Socal Are you?? I grew up in the Garden Grove/Westminster area but am currently live in Camp Pendleton for a little longer. I have been to Afghanistan and am thankful for all I've learned!!

  3. DisGruntTold says:

    Im an infantry Marine and came upon your videos while looking at some gun videos. I'm very glad I found your channel..I love this stuff and the MCMAP they teach us doesn't feel realistic or effective enough to be fully utilized in the real civilian world (I am at the end of my contract) although I have been practicing martial arts since I was a kid, Ive learned a few new tricks from watching your videos. Thank you Mr Wagner, I am definitely supplementing my defense knowledge with your help.

  4. Jim Wagner says:

    Ruben Hernandez, thank you for your comment. I'm happy you like my Reality-Based Personal Protection techniques and training methods. No, I have not looked into Marc "Animal" MacYoung's system. Be A Hard Target.

  5. mhypersonic says:

    still think that you could parcore by steping off and leaping, You could see beforehand what your rinning into as you get closer or if you have to with other things in the enviorment. most of the momentem is released in the roll, and you can keep your momentem. people who parcore get use to takeing the pressure of a fall.

  6. Th3UncannyValley says:

    in that instance i would have monkey vaulted. not tall enough to stop me. i could hit that ground rolling. or i could/ve ducked and threw em off. anything that might kill me will kill them. if i barely have time to think on the fly they have none.

  7. Jim Wagner says:

    manonli28, in this situation, no, a Parkour technique will not work. If someone is shooting at you as you go over the wall you are more likely to get shot as you silhouette your body. Plus, the average person is not going to leap down off of a 3 meter wall; especially a police officer or solider in full gear. Parkour is great, and should be learned, but in real life you don't have time to plan your escape moves. The move I showed can be done by anyone with no training, and there lies the key.

  8. Jim Wagner says:

    nidanpaul, I'm sorry, I don't understand your comment. It's an incomplete sentence. On the other hand, lawsonbeast, I understand what you are saying, and you are very welcome. Be A Hard Target.

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