Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Office massacre & school shooting survival

If someone came into your work place, classroom, or any public gathering and started shooting people, and at YOU, do you know what to do to increase your …

15 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Office massacre & school shooting survival

  1. sreeraj mohandas says:

    Sir, during 26/11 Mumbai attack pakistani terrorists had put on fire in addition to rampant shooting of innocent people in Taj hotel. In such a case the hiding victims will have an additional threat the fire. You may include such a scenario too.

  2. Mikel Whois says:

    The recent and seemingly well planned and naziesque machinations which are perpetuating these scenarios upon the public have made us all the victims of these tragic and sick events which are taking place more and more at a ever increasing rate. Our current situation has been long predicted and prophesied by the likes of you and your brethren. May the cohorts of such acts be aware that the threat of their punishment and eventual, utter annihilation, is likewise growing by the hour and everyday becoming ever more imminent! Our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Jim Wagner for his honesty, bravery, courage and honor during. Such trying times. From the bottom of our hearts we extend our truest and most sincere thank yous and right ons Brother..  And to those cowards whom hide in the shadows; lurking, waiting.. plotting to attack our weak and innocent.. Damn. Your ideas, damn your influence and power and to hell with all the worthless money you invented for our bondage. We also know that you know that we have been waiting for you as well.. training and preparing for your inevitable doom. The day draws nearer that you will no longer be allowed to revel in your dark sarcasm.. you are not anonymous and your unsubtlety has not been lost upon us.. we await your offensive offenses and eagerly anticipate the end to your seething hatred. Our fury will be felt. The nature of our rage is the aesthetic of your oppression. WE are anonymous!

  3. MariachiGuy123 says:

    I wouldn't kill the shooter, I would injure him, maybe shoot him in the thighs or ankle, foot, arm, hand. So then the police can put him (or her, remember that the world we live in is strange) in trial and in jail.

  4. Jim Wagner says:

    Jason Seifert, I'm glad you want to put your training to good use in the private security sector. My Level 1 and Level 2 courses are open to anyone who signs up. Also, I have a few books out that you can check on my website jimwagnerrealitybased

  5. Jason Seifert says:

    These tactics look very simple and affective easy to learn. I been trying to find a job in the private security industry. I are ready have a background in martial arts. I am interested in working as a specialist . I have a CPR/AED for the professional rescuer ( First Responders ) certification. I did cross training in martial arts ( Tang Soo Do , Jujitsu , Arnis ). I was wondering what courses do you teach and all there restrictions on any of your classes regrading students professions.

  6. Jim Wagner says:

    arici19: this is why my system is called "Reality-Based Personal Protection." I teach real techniques and training methods for real criminal and terrorist situations. Unless there is a pause in conflict, like a weapons malfunction or reloading, you're not just going move in on the Active Shooter and disarm him. It's not like a Hollywood movie. Having been shot at as a patrol police officer, and having seen the aftermath of an office massacre, I'm teaching out of experience. Be A Hard Target.

  7. Jim Wagner says:

    To VirgilHawkins1, in this video I am not advising people to "go through the building and shoot an armed attacker." I said that if you shoot one bad guy coming through the door you need to see if another one is coming in. In the case of terrorism, if you ambush and shoot terrorist Number 1 coming through the door you can't just wait in the corner for Number 2. He may not come in after his partner goes down. He may just decide to toss a hand grenade into the room. Don't wait for that to happen.

  8. Jason Gregson says:

    I think it would be wise to advise people who aren't familiar with firearms to stay in a corner of the room and cover the door if they have disarmed and killed one intruder. Asking someone to go through a building and shoot an armed attacker when this is their first time holding a gun is a big thing to ask. If they cover the door, they have a way better chance of hitting the perp than trying to aim/hit a moving target. As he moves through the door he himself is in the fatal zone.

  9. Jim Wagner says:

    bmehoota, your comment helps those who are armed and trained at the time of a shooting, but the majority of citizens across the world are not armed when a gunman massacres a group of people. This video gives them something that can increase their odds of survival.

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