Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Machete Defense

SUBJECT: Machete defense when unarmed PURPOSE: How to survive a machete attack NUMBER: 5.06 Machete Defense SECTION: 5 Machete & Swords …

32 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Machete Defense

  1. mamneo2 says:

    This video would be cooler if you called a random man, and told him to hit you with the foam machete. Also you could tell him that if he cuts you you would gift him a free McDonalds meal as an incentive. Those swings would not be se easy to dance around jaja

  2. greg ooch says:

    Great videos; this sounds like it could be very useful in random terror type attacks that we've seen more of lately. As you come into the attacker could a knee to the groin be an option as well? Also do you have videos that can be ordered on line?

  3. Emil Thompson says:

    Greetings Mr. Wagner! First off you have a great channel and I'm lucky to have found it. So much to learn. Thanks for that Sir. I got one question though. Could we use this move of going for the eyes in a knife encounter situation also? Cheers

  4. Qamarul Akhyar says:

    I lived in Southeast Asia. And i've seen enough people bleed by machete fight. I saw many un-armed people tried this technique against the armed(machete) man. In the end, the un-armed man got a deep cut on his side ribs while he attack the opponent's eyes.
    Even you attack the opponent's eyes, doesn't mean that he will forget his weapon in his hand. He would do blind strike as he tried to escape/moving back.
    sorry for bad grammar. english isn't my first language (obviously)

  5. Joel Larsen says:

    this guys ideas are great and of course you do go for the eyes as he says. but I gotta say this is pretty lame. I respect what this guy is trying to do. but come on every one saw him get stuck in the side with the "pool toy" I have never seen anyone not go into shock from such a wound as this portrays. and with shock setting in what would you do? unless you are trained extensively by professionals you don't have a chance at controlling your body going into shock.

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