Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Impact weapons defense

SUBJECT: How to survive an impact weapon attack PURPOSE: Understanding the long and short arc NUMBER: 8.01 Distance & Close In Rule SECTION: 8 …

7 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Impact weapons defense

  1. SamKeupoN says:

    3:40 shows one of the flaws: His fist is ready to intercept you, you are very likely to throw your face in front of a punch, even as a simple reflex, he is very likely to use his left hand to protect himself by pushing you away. 
    Another issue is that his attack is not realistic, he is just swinging horizontally, there are way more available angles of attack than that.
    Since a stick has no edge and needs some momentum and strength to be dangerous, the safe place is on the side of the attacker so you do not want to move straight forward but to his side. Of course, he will turn to face you but this move will buy you a bit of time and allow you to anticipate his next move (turning to face you).
    As much as I agree with your knife related techniques, I don't agree with this one or the machete one, there are way easier and more efficient ways to deal with this type of weapon.

  2. Wout van Leuveren says:

    very good explanation on how and when you NEED to move in…it's true you have to go in if you keep dodging stick like attacks, you will never get an opportunity to counter and you will probaly get hit in the end

  3. Jim Wagner says:

    Joe Jones, thank you for your comment on this video. Every technique I teach is accepted by professionals worldwide. Traveling around the world training with elite units and having every type of martial artist coming through my courses gives me the opportunity to see a lot of techniques and training methods. I only put in those in the system that I know will work. Be A Hard Target.

  4. joe jones says:

    I saw that same eye-gouge move used in a real fight, it works.The whole thing was over in like 2 seconds.This is a really good video.Most you-tube self defense videos look like B.S.This is very realistic and professional.Keep the great videos coming.

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