Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: How to do a front kick

SUBJECT: Front kick and target acquisition PURPOSE: How to do a proper front kick in a fight NUMBER: 10.03 Forward Rear Leg Strike SECTION: 10 Leg …

8 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: How to do a front kick

  1. Alexandru Bogdan says:

    Jim Wagner este un instructor foarte bun , parerea mea, numai sa intrati pe site.ul lui si sa urmariti canalul lui pe youtube, si multe altele, sa vedeti activitatea lui, nimeni nu ar trebuii sa stea sa critice eficienta sau tehnicile lui. chiar daca aveti dreptul la opinie…

  2. Steve Gibson says:

    Hitting center mass is better than nothing but you should always, ALWAYS strive for SPECIFIC VULNERABLE TARGETS. If you are off abit okay whatever, atleast you hit something. But you shouldn't be satisfied with training for CENTER MASS.

  3. Jim Wagner says:

    The goal of the Reality-Based Personal Protection system is to present effective, but simple to learn and simple to teach, techniques and training methods. Learning this front kick is just one of many techniques that I am posting on YouTube.

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