Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: How to cut and stab with a knife

SUBJECT: The 10 knife angles for any fight PURPOSE: To learn how to use any edged weapon NUMBER: 6.01 Primary Striking Directions SECTION: 6 Primary …

33 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: How to cut and stab with a knife

  1. eugene bell says:

    Of course, I would prefer a gun, but that is not always available. I think that if there was a 12 ounce ball peen hammer on the table and a k-bar knife on the table, I would choose the hammer if I had to fight for my life. However, knife can still be a very good friend if you have nothing else, a knife can be a very effective self defense tool. But you have to know where the targets are. Most people don't. I like this video,.

  2. Werner Voss says:

    Is he claiming to have invented the 10 angles of attack?
    I say this respectfully, but my SD training is marginal at best. I have seen those 10 angles of attack many many times before.

  3. Anderson C says:

    NICE. This minute some psycho killer is watching this video. Had been bullied in school. Decides to train himself in the 10 knife angles of attack. ..etc. Next on the news. 16 year old kills 5 classmates. Got training from watching a YouTube video. 🙂

  4. Gregg L. Van DeVeer says:

    Your method of holding a knife is great if you are using a fixed blade weapon, but if your only weapon is a non-lock blade pocket knife, you then need to keep your fingers away from the closure path of that blade. Or, good-bye fingers.

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