Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Hotel security while traveling

SUBJECT: Hotel security for business and vacation PURPOSE: Safety inside and outside of the hotel room NUMBER: 11.03 Hotel Security SECTION: Travel …

35 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Hotel security while traveling

  1. Octopussyist says:

    Normally I tear up receipts etc. and dump the pieces in different trash cans. Once I forgot a slip from the credit card payment in a cheap hotel in Berlin. A few hours after I checked out I had my first and only "irregularities" on my credit card account ever.

  2. Raul Zambrana says:

    One thing I do not agree with the video: we are taught that, when traveling on a group and staying nearby, to go with escort each other to the room and hold the door open as the occupant checks the room for an intruder (under the bed, behind shower curtain and closet) to ensure no one is hiding. Then close and lock the door. There have been cases of someone already in the room hiding when the occupant walks in. Closing the door completely as you walk in to your room before doing s safety sweep can lead to trouble.

  3. SogySeal says:

    Great video Jim. One thing I learned from a Clancy novel when checking mirrors, pretty much just a bathroom mirror, is turn the shower on full hot and look for places in it that don't look quite right. Run the radio if an audio bug is suspected. Dont forget to cover the peep hole in the door. Also as someone has already said, never use public wifi without first turning on your vpn.

  4. snowbird29803 says:

    Thanks for posting this video. Like you, I have learned to be aware of many possibilities however remote. I do these things in my hometown too, like choosing the best table at a restaurant. It's good to know you and others think this way too. I took a lot of ribbing from my family for my advanced planning…I was called "the man with the plan". I would just 'shoot back' with: "when you have no plan, it's a plan to fail". I've had to bail my family out of trouble many times b/c of their poor planning. This process you espouse can also be called "doing everything right" and there's nothing wrong with doing your best to have a safe and successful trip or vacation.

  5. 8digitPDX says:

    Avoid any easy to recognize slogans, symbols or logos on your clothing if you are looking at evading stalkers in those sorts of crowded foot traffic areas.   They can more easily remember a slogan or logo than other colors or features of your clothing. 

  6. doncastriglionejr says:

    Jim is dead on…alot of you never goto the urban hood or inner-city areas of your town…you need these types of things everyday. I have been many places in Detroit, Cleveland and Washington DC where someone can come at you at a diner or restaurant with a gun or have a shoot out…alot of you would not know what to do and get killed. I've learned this stuff from policemen years ago, and like what Jim said, know how to get out such situations. After you practice a few times, it become natural and takes only a minute of two of inconvenience. Plus traveling abroad, people tend to spot the Americans, and with that has built in hassles and dangers…and you always want to have your head on a swivel…especially in dangerous places I have been in Central America.

  7. SamKeupoN says:

    Great video
    If you worry about information security:
    1) Soak the receipts into water before throwing them in the bin (efficient and convenient)
    2) RFID blocking is becoming mandatory for your passport and possibly your credit cards
    3) Do not use any free/public wifi with your own device
    4) Actually turn off wifi and bluetooth on your smartphone

    It might sound paranoid as well but I guess it comes with my job as an IT Security specialist

  8. Robert Schibel says:

    And Wagner does have a point. I was in Puerto Rico on vacation last year and some random guy came up and wanted my room number and information. And he was trying to offer me drugs on top of that. Well I told him that I am police officer from the mainland and that I could have him locked up lol. He just dropped his guard and walked away.

  9. Jim Wagner says:

    Guicho Mora, I would not rappel down paracord, but you can make yourself a ladder by tying loops into it for handles. Obviously, I recommend that you attend some professional climbing courses because any rappelling or climbing using ropes can be DEADLY. In this video I am just giving people ideas and not going into too much detail on any one item. Be A Hard Target.

  10. Kosan GM says:

    Jim i have a question: You can use the paracord for rapell???? I know that the paracord is to strong, but the friction that the paracord have when you do the rapell its danger for the paracord? where i can investigate this? Can you help me? regards and sorry for my English!!

  11. DisGruntTold says:

    what people don't understand is that people who are AWARE subtlely do this and it doesn't hinder their lives are all…its just little things you do and take note of. it's not PARANOID…because its not interfering with life in any way…its just doing things to ensure you're not a victim. It's like wearing a seatbelt…..or locking your front door. Because death and criminals are opportunist jackasses and love to see people set themselves up for failure. oorah…

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