Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Contact shot using the gas of a pistol

1 Defensive Tactics, Section 2, Number 2.10, Purpose: to learn how to use the gas of a firearm to stop a criminal or terrorist. Your lesson with me will be on a …

14 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Contact shot using the gas of a pistol

  1. Noscul Grab says:

    Hi Jim. I subscribe to very few channels and you are my top 5. Why haven't you put out any new ones lately? Please try to put one out at least once a month. Thanks. I love your stuff and wish I could take a course with you.

  2. Jim Wagner says:

    bridgeburner265, you are exactly right. It is for this very situation that I show this contact shot technique. The story you are referring to is the story by channel 9 of WAFB titled BYSTANDER FIRED DEADLY SHOT, NOT OFFICER by reporter Jim Shannon. The bad guy is on top of the officer, and the officer cannot get him off even though the officer had shot him once. "Putting the gas into the suspect" may have stopped the attacker sooner. Physics dictates that this technique works. Be A Hard Target.

  3. Jim Wagner says:

    Logan O'Hartigan, look beyond the obvious. Many police agencies and military units around the world use firearms blanks in their training. If there is no blank-firing adapter, or someone does not notice that it came off, you will have possible injuries from the unburnt or partially burnt powder that penetrates the skin at close range. I have actually seen this happen once during a military training that involved Special Forces and the U.S. Marines. The video is for info. Be A Hard Target.

  4. Logan O'Hartigan says:

    They used to pour gun powder in wounds and light it… If you were going to lose a limb or bleed out you may think the same this isn't that bad, and I doubt you'd remove every 1 mm granule of powder

  5. Logan O'Hartigan says:

    This is good for situations I'm sure, but I'm going with the military man here, a bullet when placed where your aiming is good enough for most people, hell give em 2. But surgery to remove the unburnt powder? I kind of doubt 1 they would have live with that in their head and 2 I don't believe that amount would be toxic.

  6. Jim Wagner says:

    username7260, on many semi-automatic pistols pushing on the muzzle forcing the slide back slightly can disengage the trigger mechanism. To play it safe on contact shots Special Operations teams around the world teach not to "actually" make contact on a contact shot. As a cerrtified Range Safety Officer (RSO) I have proved this on many ranges. Be A Hard Target.

  7. Jim Wagner says:

    I think some viewers are missing the point of this video. Obviously bullets injure or cause death. That is a given. A beginner, or someone who knows nothing about guns, may think that they are going to hit a moving target from a few feet away with a "friendly" next to him. The rescuer may end up hitting the very person they are trying to save. All I am saying in this video is the gas WITH THE BULLET will do far more damage, and you can't miss at this range. Fortunately, most of you get this.

  8. REAPER 33 says:

    @kidcapri009 Yup… sure does do more damage, I guess the projectile moving at 976-1200 fps producing 1806.172 joules of kinetic energy and a momentum of 5.925 Kg m/s.won't do the trick. Just get as close as you can and give the target the option in engaging you in close combative. But hey, what do I know, I was only in United States Special Operations Command for 7 years.

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