Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Choke Hold Training Dangers

SUBJECT: Choke Hold Training Dangers PURPOSE: To avoid injury or death for those over 40 NUMBER: 1.01 ABC’s of Choke Holds SECTION: 1 Choke Hold …

12 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Choke Hold Training Dangers

  1. Daniel Skipp says:

    Good video… but the easy solution is to stop eating dead animals and animal products like eggs and dairy. Simple. Vegan diet reverses artherosclerosis. Eating cholesterol and animal protein causes plaques. Fact.


    In my BJJ training, I do experience dizziness from applied choke techniques. It takes about an hour to stable myself. I'm glad you posted this. I'm going to be more cautious and aware in my training. Thank you. About watch this again

  3. FoodCubes says:

    Interesting mention on plaques. Cardiovascular disease will kill way, way more people than attacks, and it doesn't need to be that way. Clogged arteries are actually seen as early as 20 years of age for the average American, and although it's common, it's not "normal". See some videos by Dr. Esselstyn to learn about preventing cardiovascular disease.

  4. Paul Ramnora says:

    As somebody who is now over 50+; but, who is still interested in learning/practicing self-defense techniques; therefore, I really and truly appreciate the info. that anybody over 40+ should not train by having pressure put on their neck. Honestly, I didn't know that before. Thanks! 😉 The escape techniques look effective; however, needs more explanation as to 'how/why' the techniques do actually work…?

  5. Seregil123 says:

    No one told me about that. Does it mean that i should n ´t use any kind of choketechniks in my BJJ or Judo lessons against someone over 40? Because every one is doing it in Training

  6. Jim Wagner says:

    Dogger8095, thank you for your comment. There are a lot of techniques and training methods you just won't find in any other system but Reality-Based Personal Protection. It's a complete system with pre-conflict, conflict, and post-conflict training. There are many videos on this channel, and many more to come. Be A Hard Target.

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