Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Body Bag Procedures



SUBJECT: Body Bag Procedures PURPOSE: To learn how to put a victim into a body bag NUMBER: 2.09 Removing Dead Victims SECTION: 2 Light Search …

8 thoughts on “Jim Wagner my self-defense instructor: Body Bag Procedures

  1. kurt salvador says:

    Good one Jim.  I am from the Philippines and in 2011, my city experienced a typhoon induced flash flood that killed more than a thousand people.  the city practically had little or no body bags to begin with so recovery personnel had to wrap the corpses with tarps and even flood soaked blankets.  Just recently, typhoon Hayan (yolanda) made landfall in the central Philippines, again with over 5000 deaths (and counting) we experienced shortage of body bags (again!) and people trained to do recovery.  Your video is a great help for us volunteers.   

  2. Jim Wagner says:

    AnonymousBob123 and jackpack12, I'm glad you like the video. Not a nice subject, but something that everyone in the Reality-Based Personal Protection system should know. The martial arts is more than just kicking and punching. Be A Hard Target.

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