Jim Wagner History: German GSG9 Counterterrorism Training (SpecOps)



Jim Wagner, an American, was an official defensive tactics, special operations tactics, and firearms instructor for German counterterrorist team …

19 thoughts on “Jim Wagner History: German GSG9 Counterterrorism Training (SpecOps)

  1. JEST3R says:

    "I was so good at it, they gave me a promotion"

    "They said it could not be done"/"You can stop worrying about grenades now"

    Flashes and sprints toward you menacingly

    "R-E-D Active, if it runs on batteries, I'll see it"

    There. Those are the Rainbow Six operators. Happy?

  2. Ace4Benji says:

    To be honest, it's such a shame how everyone is here because of a video game. You just don't know what hell these guys experience. I've tried Rainbow Six Siege once at my friend's house, however the interest went away as soon as I saw a very thin young blonde lady with the sport suit. At least show some respect guys.

  3. Why youtube why says:

    Wow that has to be one of the greatest honors an American instructor can have. Not only getting to work with the top of German special forces but to have access to their equipment and facilities. That shoot house looked incredible, really impressive compared to some of the ones I’ve seen.

  4. ethan nguyen says:

    I would legit love to get one of those ballistic riot shield helmets, Actually scratch that. I would love a full GSG 9 riot uniform. Or gign. Either of those. They look so amazing!

  5. primus beast says:

    this is some seriously awesome stuff. my grandpa was in the us military guarding the border of west and east germany from 71-74 and he was there when the munich summer Olympics were hijacked by the terrorists from palestine to kill all the Israeli athletes. i found out that the german government founded gsg9 years later because tof how un-equipped and un-prepared they were for high stakes counter-terrorism special ops

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