Jim Wagner History: California Highway Patrol Training

The California Highway Patrol has sent many officers to Jim Wagner’s original defensive tactics and firearms courses over the years. This video was taken at a …

4 thoughts on “Jim Wagner History: California Highway Patrol Training

  1. Jim Wagner says:

    Galleon1235, thank you for your comment, but the Taser would not be on the market until a decade later. This video was made in 1999 and the Taser was introduced to police departments in the United States in 2009. Even so, this training is valid today because not all agencies in the world have Tasers, and sometimes technology fails in real-life situations. Plus, this particular video is about my history, not teaching techniques or training methods. Be A Hard Target.

  2. Jim Wagner says:

    To 720FLYKICKKX, thank you for the feedback. It is alway great to hear from true professionals. I've had a chance to also train Mexican police units in Baja California, and perhaps one day I'll put up some of those video and photos. Be A Hard Target.

  3. Jim Wagner says:

    to Shugotenshi47, look closer and use the pause button. The M81 Battle Dress pants that one of the California Highway Patrol officers is wearing is the Woodland pattern camouflage issued by the United States military since 1981. MultiCam, introduced in 2010, has more tans and browns in it than Woodland. Also, the Ford Crown Victoria, the "Crown Vic," manufactured since 1991, is another indicator of the date of the video. The date of this video is accurate. Be A Hard Target.

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