Jason Johnson trains at 88tactical



Located in beautiful Omaha Nebraska this state of the art range and readiness center has classes and training to suit everyone. Even me.

9 thoughts on “Jason Johnson trains at 88tactical

  1. Al-Moshey Tidal says:

    i like your style, straightforward and instinctive yet devastating, imagine the force getting hit by a full slash throw . learned alot from your video tutorials! its good to keep it real! Cheers man, Respect and best regards from the Philippines.

  2. Ryan 1 says:

    Big big fan! Have seen and forwarded your YouTube vids. Very clear and real advice and instructions. Like in one of your rated red vids you talk about running away from a situation. In proper context it’s the realest piece of advice/instruction. One suggestion is (like You need it) tell us what your throwing in all vids. Adds to the vid weather it’s a simple cold steel 80TFT or a Bullseye blade. Thanks again.

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