Jason Bourne Fighting Style | Pak Sau Counter Attack



In this FIT-GAMER Fight Move, Jason Bourne counters his opponent with a Wing Tsun technique called a Pak Sau! Check out the video and let me know in the …

22 thoughts on “Jason Bourne Fighting Style | Pak Sau Counter Attack

  1. christian xhanyou says:

    Actually. that is not wing chun. He used the panantukan kali. The 2008 Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy game, hand-to-hand Panantukan techniques were choreographed by Jeff Imada who worked on the Jason Bourne films

  2. PacoPantele says:

    I will try to break it down for you. At 0.49 we can see what might be a left Dap Sao, however the stance and angle are wrong and not aligned with the hip. The "barrier" at 1.00 is not a Wing Chun technique at all, just force against force. At 1.03 a pretty decent beginners left Pak Sao is performed to be immediately followed up at 1.04 with a right Fak Sao. In all movements being performed the elbow is wrongly positioned, it needs to be kept low guarding the centerline etc.

  3. timdillon123 says:

    How do I learn to fight like this.
    I'm not confident to block a shot with my hand and not have another thrown at me. I become the agressor throwing all attacks then use body head movement. Do you have to be a certain size and weight to fight like this

  4. Dudensky says:

    Hey, Joey, that barrier in Wing Chun is called Tan-Sao (or Tan-Sau, both versions are correct) and the chop to the neck or face is called Fat. Or Fut. I gotta ask my SiFu about it.

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