Japanese Jiu Jitsu – Basic Knife Defence

Here is a short video of Sensei Jason showing 6 different knife defence techniques. Sensei Jason is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu who teaches at …

5 thoughts on “Japanese Jiu Jitsu – Basic Knife Defence

  1. The Engineer says:

    If they resist, you won't be able to contain them. That is why the japanese arts had to reinvent the way they address bigger, heavier westerners with thick wrists (and that was without the resistence). Go Gracie Jiu Jitsu!!!

  2. The Engineer says:

    Please keep that in the class. Two hand that knife and don't let go, tenkan if you like and go aikido but do not one hand and float. If that have a lick of any skill they can disengage and reengage in-between your movements leaving you oh so vulnerable.

  3. Kram Conley says:

    Sensei moves to the attacker's 'knife' side every time. Are there any knife defensive moves to the other side?, and was there a double handed block over the top of the advancing arm grab and rotate beneath the arm bringing the knife into the assailant's abdomen? Oh yeah and thanks very much, great presentation style, mark

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