29 thoughts on “Japan Self Defense Force martial arts

  1. SamuraiDickSlanger says:

    From a japanese persons perspective, to criticize these guys is pointless, as they are just beginners. However, Japan does have one of the best educated and technologically advanced militaries in the world. However not the strongest. And to the guy saying that "we never die", youre wrong. In ww2 we lost hundreds of thousands, if not close to a million people, however we possessed cunning, bravery, and sheer determination. However we are guilty of acts of pure savagery (Bataan, Nanking, Seoul, etc…) We must learn from our mistakes and yes, crimes.

  2. 칸득구 says:

    It's…so pathetic. Why are you guys look so awkward and nervious?? Even the trainees of north korean army would be much better than you japs. From your neighbor, south korea.

  3. Max Sluiman says:

    The Japanese had good soldiers during ww2. With a lot of Grandfathers who were born samurai. A lot of people still practising martial arts. Up until the 1960. Japanes people nowadays work 13 hours a day and the avarage level of their martial arts is shit. Their youth are under so much school pressure, that they refuse to take the martial arts discipline. And they don't have time. Like another commenter sayd: they lack the fire. No kime.
    I think it is sad.

  4. Mekeni Sagoli says:

    Japan is a force to reckon … they maybe in the defensive mode after what happened with world war 2. But in case of true war, with their population , advance technology, nuclear and everything … they will be back with being at par with the super world power. Samurai Warrior Blood~

  5. Makoto Sekai says:

    in the video they used the arts of jukendo and aikido which is cool because unlike europeans which they learn krav maga, japan they still have their traditions today which is used against local policemen and special ops today will learn martial arts that will be used against in real combat nice job japan.

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