James Williams Explaining Knife Concepts with the Hissatsu

An explanation of knife work while teaching at Technon Tactical in Miami. The knife is my Hissatsu fixed blade from CRKT.

15 thoughts on “James Williams Explaining Knife Concepts with the Hissatsu

  1. Ted Day says:

    Does anyone know James combat experience, I know he served but I don't see any combat experience in his record, war he fought in and such, nothing. All his skill is based in Japanese style type of MA and that's it.

  2. Nyce Goody says:

    In regard to the comment @ :52, some people also think they're going to buy an expensive knife and it's going to be magic

    No matter how 'classic' or Japanese a blade looks, no matter how deadly or specialty the press release claims it is, it's really on you.

    If you think you need a special knife and that will save you, think again. It's the skill of the player, not the knife itself.

    With respect to all the fetishist collectors, work on your technique first.

  3. jedjorr7 says:

    Thank you for the reply. I own several of the Panteao dvd's and they are excellent, definitely a good outfit to team up with. I will pick them up when they are released.

  4. jedjorr7 says:

    I just ordered a Hissatsu and a Otanashi Noh Ken, a trainer is coming up next. The hissatsu will be carried opposite of my pistol on my first line gear and the Otanashi Noh Ken will be my new edc. I really enjoy the concept behind them, will you please post some videos explaining the use of the hissatsu in more detail? I wish to become proficient with them.

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