47 thoughts on “James Bond: Quantum Of Solace, Knife Fight Scene

  1. Chad Goodell says:

    Best Bond ever. Pure cinematographic kineticism — everyone involved knew/intuited any Bond fan worth their salt would automatically be up to speed & let rip a veritable 'greatest hits' Bond omnibus; outstanding film, and special mention should be due the director. Brilliant.

  2. amarsbarr says:

    fight was great… but it didn't seem like it belonged to bond … where as the fight in Spectre in the train was far more violent and less sharp with Jason Bourne type antics…. definitely a Bond fight

  3. 360Effects says:

    +rush8able Not to mention with brosnan the cold blooded killing of Dr kaufmann. on his knees begging for his life! plus i always love when connery killed the proffessor in dr no … "thats a smith and weason, and youve had your six"

  4. Immortal 16 says:

    Looks real, gritty and what I love is that even though they are both getting hit, they both are going for their shots regardless of what the other is throwing their way. A great martial arts principal

  5. Day Runner says:

    Trying to follow the action here, help me out: Bond evades the assassins knife. Bond shoves him through the french glass doors, busting the glass. Bond takes off his shoe and hits him with it. Then he dives on the floor, looking for something… what'd he pick up? Broken piece of glass, pen, or did the assassin drop his knife and that's what Bond used to stab him with? Thanks.

  6. newlife says:

    this is cold hearted scene  i even feel sorry for the assasin he was trying to stop the bleeding on his neck .cause he knows it was fatal  ,, and still trying to fight off bond from killing him, in this case letting him bleed to death, i guess bond cant finish him knowing he is done ,, letting the guy die in his own time ( with the neck wound)

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