1. Jason Anderson says:

    It would be great if you guys could do a collaboration video with Sergio from Practical Combat Martial Arts. Sergio has a history of calling this guy out on his fake BS. Its fairly well documented.

  2. SherGill M says:

    I absolutely love ya vids lads. Did kung fu for years. Then went Thailand to train Muay thai for a months. I soon learnt my shit didnt work and within my first few days I soon changed my style.

  3. Damien H says:

    Soooo I've had the "privilege" to study under Jake, before (in AZ) guys flexibility is quite something, but I'll be honest it felt more like a fitness class. I'm a heavyweight and wanted to learn how to throw better kicks, but after realizing that I was getting matched with middle and bantamweight black-belts (to "spar") I decided to get go back to combat sports. I switched to a much more fight focused gym after about 2 weeks. Very nice guy, but man his teaching methodologies worry me for new students though.

  4. ukella egzon says:

    Yo guys, great channel, I saw maybe something you didn't with that snap punch, he tries to do that Bruce Lee snap like in some interviews I saw, keep up this vids!

  5. Cross Jab says:

    Come on man this is YouTube and not the real world. Jake mace is a gay and master wong is a funny dude. They both trained much but in a real situation they can not do much and the most stuff they show on YouTube is not gonna work in real life. But is wing chun fake because of some people like them or like some idiots that never had a real fight on the streets and fight mma fighter in publik get wooped up there ass ? My sifu in wing chun will kill them both together and also this mma fighters that fights the wing chung masters in Videos. But is master wong or jake mace the proof that traditionell Martial Arts is not working? No all the skills in mma is based on some traditionell martial arts. It means mixed martial arts and not an new fucking way of fighting that never exists bevore. Now to dk yoo, he is a good teacher for understanding body physics and not for knocking out people in the ring. And now to bruce lee, he is a legend a role model for disclipine and he is the father of mma . Is the one inch punch good for knocking out propöe or big damage? No! But is for getting distance when your opponent is too close to you. I understand that you dudes want to get a big community on YouTube and that you need some clickbait for the videos but please stop doing like your way is the only way of fighting. You not that big numbers in the world!

  6. William Breen says:

    Jake mace is fucking ridiculous! He's what people refer to as a bitch ass mother fucker LOL if him and master Wong fight though I have my money on Wong! The reason why I still like Master Wong is because he's more street fighting oriented and realistic scenario type of training where Jake mace thinks he's some fucking Mystic Jedi in the deserts of Arizona? Jake mace has probably more than likely already somehow mentally persuaded some of his young teenage male students to engage in acts of sodomy LOL!

  7. William Breen says:

    I would just like to say this gentleman I just subscribed to your Channel because I was highly entertained by this video and I agree with you that there are too many phoney bologna YouTube martial arts instructors out there claiming that traditional kung fu is going to help you for Street survival! However although I truly do believe that mixed martial arts it's probably nine times out of 10 more effective than kung fu MMA is still a sport though lads let's not forget that please! You guys go very heavy in your training and no one is disputing that however MMA is not preparing someone for guns knives sticks or clubs or attacks to the eyes, groin, throat, fish hooking or multiple opponents. Not to mention there is not a referee to save you if you get caught in something nasty or knocked out! Even some of the top fighters in the world who compete in glory, UFC, Bellator, Abu Dhabi grappling, or professional boxing are susceptible to getting beaten and then momentarily remaining helpless until referee intervention. The street is not MMA gentleman. This is not me talking shit I am just simply comparing notes with you guys and I will agree that MMA it's still probably your best option for martial arts training but you need to cross-train in a street oriented style that trains with weapons like sticks and knives allowing you to train in civilian clothing as well. I recommend the Filipino martial arts. FMA and MMA is a dynamic training combination

  8. Liquidcadmus says:

    You have enough material to last you years if you go through all of Jake's videos. there's some truly ridiculous and outrageous crap there. the stuff on this video is nothing compared to the insane bollocks he has on some videos.

  9. TheNightmareEngine says:

    Age Uke or Jordan Uke or Uke Uke Uke USO!!!! Just as an aside, the 30% in 70% out thing you see in Karate (which twat face Mace knows nothing about) is to cause a low pressure wave and organ damage and it does work but Mace just has no skill so…fuck him.

  10. jonesey251 says:

    Question Mr. Mace: what do you do if you opponent doesn't use perfect form to throw the punches ( like he just charges in winging shots?) or knows even the tiniest bit about striking or is one of those hard-headed cunts that get hit and they don't even flinch? what then?

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