Jack Krauser’s Knife Resident Evil 4. Demonstrations & up close footage of our new weapon

See our Jack’s Knife just released! Influenced from the knife Jack Krauser used in Resident Evil 4. Flash through video of this weapon. See it’s slicing power!

23 thoughts on “Jack Krauser’s Knife Resident Evil 4. Demonstrations & up close footage of our new weapon

  1. Manu B says:

    Is it possible to make the RE4 version : shorter blade, satin finish (I guess), and if it's legal, the same snake logo ? If so, how much would it cost ? (And the most vital question : Would it be possible to do the Krauser trick where he spins the knife around his finger indefinitely ?)

  2. Vito Mannone says:

    The blade needs to be 8 inches. That's a 12 inch blade, it's almost a sword. Also the handle is off by 1 inch and the snake insignia is missing. It should also have a satin finish. This is just my opinion. I will say this. You've got the blade shape perfect! Better than dog ronins version of the Jack Krauser knife.

  3. Tracker Buckmann says:

    I like it, but I would change the cuts in the blade just before the handle to offer more structural Integrity. Either make both identical to the bottom shape or do away with them entirely. Probably the latter and install a wire cutter if anything.

    I would also add a double tooth saw (like you would see on a Gerber or Leatherman multitool) to the top of the blade along the blank spine where the edge ends and transitions back to the handle.

    I get that it's a replica, but I can see ways that it could be more practical and field expedient.

    What do you guys charge for customized versions of existing blades?

  4. Pin Johnston says:

    I bought a sog jungle warrior and didn't noticed the resemblance with Leon's knife until I found my RE4 copy underneath a bunch of stuff, but to find krauser's knife… I want to buy it, how can I contact you guys?

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