9 thoughts on “Izula knife horizontal carry

  1. Richard Lambert says:

    When you set it up that way is it comfortable to sit down. does it poke you in the stomach? I am getting the Eskabar and I will be carrying it horizontally on my belt as well and debating on how to set up the sheath with either the clip or order a tech lock.  thanks

  2. Brocked and Loaded says:

    thank you thank you thank you. My main question was answered. does the top of the clip part pinch your stomach when you sit down at all? I plan on carrying the same way. Also, I am thinking about getting the micarta handles. Since you have it set up the way I will, will extra thickness interfere at all you think?

  3. luvblenko says:

    Thanks .. I no longer have the shop, but the knife is great. Because I do a lot of shipping , that carry is so easily accessible one handed , faster thank any pocket knife or box cutter. Thanks . Best to you.

  4. Carl Lucas says:

    Omg that's awesome! I love my izula and it is the blade I use for my edc but I was looking for a more secure way to carry it horizontal with the original sheath, now I have found it. Thank you!

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