Italian Knife Fighting Workshop

Some impressions of the Italian Knife Fighting Workshop with Lupo Mark De Fazio. Basics and advanced techniques of the south italian schools of Apulia.

3 thoughts on “Italian Knife Fighting Workshop

  1. John Mesias says:

    We have a 54-page book, called: "Baratero's Manual, or Art of handle (use) The Folding Knife, The Knife and The Scissors of the Gypsies" ["Manual del Baratero, o Arte de Manejar La Navaja, El Cuchillo y La Tijera de Los Gitanos"], the author of this book is anonymous, and the year of printing is 1849.
    In this address you can download it, but I am sorry to tell you that it is in Spanish at the time.
    The fencing described in the book, is a vulgar fencing, with tricks that are somewhat risky, although always interesting.
    It has nothing to do with the virtuous fencing of the Spanish "Verdadera Destreza" (true dexterity).
    Anyway, the Filipinos always say that Kali / Eskrima / Arnis is a Filipino martial art with a lot of influence of Spanish fencing. Some people grant 20% of influence, and some give 80%.
    The book is not very long. I do not know if someone has translated it into English, but I know that this manual is little known.
    If you are interested, I could try to translate it and send it to you, but it would have to be in English necessarily or in French.
    German is a language that has always interested me but I have not had the means to study it.
    A greeting.

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