Israeli Special Forces Self Defense Technique | Tactical Rifleman



Working on a fast draw and presentation from the holster is a very important skill to build and maintain but it’s crucial to have some supplemental open-hand …

22 thoughts on “Israeli Special Forces Self Defense Technique | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Robert Szymkowiak says:

    Have you ever fought in the street? You've spent too much time in the gaming world. In Poland, football fans from Krakow make fights with sticks, knives, axes – as in the Middle Ages. They recently hacked off the opposing team's fan hand on the street with a machete. I would like to see a defense against one of them…

  2. K C says:

    Curious to what the next step is after eliminating the threat with the knife temporarily. Once shots are taken to the down range threat we would have to assume the knife assailant is going to pursue you once he gathers himself right?

  3. chun wei Hsu says:

    Realistic knife fight I don’t remember I watch it from here , you WILL get cut, just how bad and whether you can either gain your distance and use your long distance tool like firearm or run away.

  4. Cetok01 says:

    Interesting techniques, but why would you turn your back on the guy with the knife instead of pivoting to confront and drop him with your gun? First things first. If the "gunman" behind the knife man has held his fire while you grapple, move past, pop him and then spin on the knifer.

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