26 thoughts on “israeli soldier breaks Palestinian nose

  1. Musfiq Rahat says:

    When they insult Muslims and torture them than it is normal…! But if Muslims rise up their voice against the brutality than they treat the Muslims as a terrorists…!!!!! Oh ALLAH save us……

  2. Islamic Reminders says:

    yes the jews will come back to israel we know this for the purpose of the coming of the AntiChrist but the good news is the majority of jews will convert to Islam later..yes The Quran mentions The Prophet Israel(Jacob)&The Children of Israel! We dont deny that we dont deny Israel existed!!!! Musa,Jesus, Abraham were not Jews the jews are the people of Juda which Judaism came after Abraham&Moses, Moses&Jesus were Israelite people all 3 of their religion was Islam-Peaceful submission to God Alone!

  3. mghf1112 says:

    They dont steal any land!!! The Quran mentions Israel, NOT Palestine. The Quran says that the people of Israel will return to their land!!! Musa was a JEW, Jesus, Abraham as well!!! Jewish people existet in Israel more than 2000 years ago! That time the Arabs were pagans praying to rubbish!!! So simple

  4. TangenteGans says:

    are you dumb or something ?? What do you mean with muslim people all over the world ?? do you think every muslim is a terrorist ? If that is so, than you are not only dumb you are also a rasist.
    western countries causing terror and fear every day, the us-soldiers in iraq, the isrealis in palestine. No arabic or better no muslimic country ever invaded a western country.
    In my school 50 % of the people are muslims, they learn, go to school and just live their life.

  5. Islamic Reminders says:

    no i dont expect them to leave! i expect them to stop treating Palestinians like 2nd class citizens to stop stealing Palestinian land and make a land that is equality for all peoples! and to stop breaking international laws and breaking land laws which were original set up by the UK and US the land was originally split down the middle now its split with less then 1/4 Palestine and over 3/4 Israel come to a Peacful solution which is fare and end the war! i have nothing against Jews just zionism

  6. Islamic Reminders says:

    Zionist should stop doing terror in the name of Islam! king david hotel bombing,2001 anthrax attack,9/11…ect all actions of The Satanic Zionist movement! 9/11 was an exact replica of what the zionist did during the King Davids Hotel Bombing jews dressed up like Muslims and blew up the building in the name of Islam! Zionism is Terrorism worse then Nazis! The Jews are okay, but its the zionist atheist pigs need to go, Leave Our Land Leave Our Women,Children&People Alone & There Will Be Peace!

  7. Jonathan Gurwitz says:

    Does anyone know what actually happened here ? I without making assumptions please. It's easy for the pro pals to say that it was unprovoked and the the zionists to say that he was being attacking. I am challenging whether we are judging this (and lots of other clips) based on no evident whatsoever. The person doing the filming has cut out the actual alteration. You just see him leading the guy away with his hands tied.

  8. His Majesty says:

    Instead of the "Free Syrian Army" fighting these zionists, they choose to fight with other muslims, and to demolish mosques of other muslims. Oh the wrong-doers. This is why Iran cannot sit aside and watch as Israel does this.

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