Israeli Self defense – Survival knife throwing

The hard part is the change in weight between knives… if you practice long enough you can even do it with a screwdriver.

36 thoughts on “Israeli Self defense – Survival knife throwing

  1. SamuraiOfTheNorth says:

    Im starting to get pretty accurate with my throws. expecially with my 3 kunai set. I first threw an old axe to a log and was like "hmm… I wonder if I could hit the handle of that axe with these kunais." then I tried and the first throw hit the handle perfectly centered.

  2. BushcraftWoodsDevil says:

    Nice job. My Dad was a Paratrooper in WWII [US Army 11th ABN] and he was taught knife throwing. I've seen videos of Paratroops practicing knife throwing, so apparently it was considered a valid combat technique for that era. I don't know that the same thought applies today…I think the current thought is not to throw a knife [weapon] away. Still and all, I think it's better to have an inventory of skills at your disposal. Besides, it's just fun! Love the videos…keep up the good work!

  3. Butchie says:

    If you live in tel aviv I can teach you combat knife throwing techniques. With the way you're throwing of your attacker takes one step forward or one step back your knife won't stick. Combat knife throwing techniques are made for moving targets. The way you throw is inappropriate for combat situations I'm afraid.

  4. Dannyel says:

    Can you throw silver quarters?
    I saw a tv show when I was 13 called 'Freedom Fighters' and one of the guys there could throw just about anything. His speciality was killing bad guys with quarters.

  5. leonscottkennedyre4 says:

    i too through non throwing knives.i've used hunting knives,survival knives,screw drivers,nails,road spikes,bush clipper blades,and all sorts of other random things.its not to hard once you know the technique.i can pick up about anything and stick it

  6. BladeCrafters says:

    Good video man. I used to practice using various weighted knives, screwdrivers, etc. All make very effective weapons, but the different weights and balances can easily throw you off. You did good, this type of practice allows ya to grab anything and throw it because you develop a sense of how fast it'll spin, etc just by holding it in your hand.

  7. pennfootball says:

    @GuyTatt Let me get this straight..You live in the middle east surrounded by a bunch of Arabs and Persians who think you are the infidel and they would like nothing more then to blow all of your people up because you theoretically are non humans to them. Then your government thinks it is a good idea to not let you have any guns!!! No wonder why terrorists love bombing you Guy, it's like shooting people in a barrel. This is madness…you all should be armed to your teeth.

  8. Mediterranean survival - Valley & Mountain says:

    @pennfootball71 They do… when you are 18 but then the bustards take it back once you get out of the army and turn 21… WTF am I suppose to do now when I'm legally drunk? All I have is my beer and my tactical goat and believe me that goat can't fire any thing but dam pigeons out of her %#&… all I have left are my knives LOL… peace brother

  9. pennfootball says:

    Guy…Doesn't the government of Israel give all you guys M-16's since you are all in the Army? Forget knife throwing you can get a rocket propelled Grenade launcher on the cheap in the middle east and a Rolls Royce too for a few plastic goats and some oil rigs in your backyard right? Just Kidding buddie don't kill me now. 😉

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