Israeli pistol shooting training session



An old clip of a shooting session with some choppy choppy movements.

34 thoughts on “Israeli pistol shooting training session

  1. S A says:

    Full isosceles… never go full isosceles, Bro.
    I'm joking. I just can't bring myself to do it. I shoot modified Weaver. Isosceles makes me think about taking a dump.

  2. J3AN P3T3R says:

    hey newbie here. i just wanted to ask for clarification on guns. i was wondering why when his gun ran out of ammo at 1:26 and he used a new mag it still fired without cocking the gun ? is there already one in the chamber ? i thought it was empty.

  3. aviram schreibman says:

    People in this comment section should know that in this video he is executing more than just a draw, he is also doing whats called in the idf "stopping suspect protocol" which is basically giving the suspect a chance to stop himself (for example a terrorist with a knife), thsts why you see a slight pause between each phase of the draw, if this guy wanted to just flat out draw he would reach a much faster draw time.

  4. Joel Richards says:

    At a time when handguns are as safe as any impliment could be and still be dangerous to an assailant why would anyone carry with an empty chamber? The Israelis get props for developing the isosceles stance and grip when Weaver was still popular but the utility of having an empty chamber passed with the development of DA/SA pistols.

  5. Benjamin Zev says:

    A round in the chamber is at least 30 to 40% faster to put rounds on target.
    If the argument is safety, then train more.
    During stress, it might be easy to short-stroke the gun. Maybe a CQC situation where there is no space for all that dancing…

  6. marksmindofsurvival says:

    Awesome shooting although I don't understand the concept of not keeping a round chambered. Question, why not a triple tap (2-chest/1-head) or double tap rather then going through a full mag….unless this is just a rapid fire drill? Just curious.

  7. Ivo Pan says:

    Extremely good gun control….the move on the left is not necessary at the beginning…the shooter is very well balanced…it's good to see how he shoots with the left hand

  8. Bill Gates says:

    Why in hell does he keep cocking the gun before shooting? That gun should already have a bullet in the chamber, he is wasting 0.5 seconds that can get him shot before he fires. I always keep my gun loaded and with NO safety on, just ready to be drawn.

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