Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : How to Defend from Above with a Knife in Israeli Martial Arts

Learn how to defend against a knife attack from above in krav maga with expert tips and advice on Israeli martial arts in this free martial arts video from our …

22 thoughts on “Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : How to Defend from Above with a Knife in Israeli Martial Arts

  1. Astrit Kaja says:

    What ever technical move this is, I better know something than no thing. Who knows some day it would save my life. I would block punch and run. Well if there is any chance of seeing the knife coming towards you which very impossible as knife is allways invisible.


    The same technique exist in karate, japanese jiu-jitsu, kung fu and aikido. Its some times done with a high x-block instead of a normal high block. Despite what everyone are saying, this move is actually great! I told my friend and student many years ago to attack me with my dummy knife like this. But I never told him what I was going to do so I had the element of suprise. He attacked me with quite some speed but I used this defense and he flew to the ground! I was just as suprised as he was because I had just watched a bunch of videos on youtube with so called "expert" saying this defense was not suppose to work.

  3. Dario Gomes says:

    Krav Maga is a mixed system, based on techniques from other martial arts. But you can't make a video on an Aikido knife defense and say it's a Krav Maga knife defense if it's totally different. On the streets you can you any technique you want.

  4. Jay Harvey says:

    It doesn't matter what you call it. If it keeps you from the receiving end of a knife or attack it's golden. There is no one perfect martial art. Krav Maga for instance is a compilation of derivative arts- it what works that matters at the end of the day.

  5. Dario Gomes says:

    @arcaniagothic2 This is not Krav Maga. I've done the proper Krav Maga defense to a knife attack from above and it's NOTHING like this. It's fine to improvise on the streets if the circumstaces dictate it, but if you're going to do a video and say it's Krav Maga, you should demonstrate the proper technique.

  6. JVThrillz says:

    That is an Aikido/Ninjitsu technique called "Oni Kudaki" (translates to "Breaking the Demon")

    How you learned that in an Israeli Martial Art, I don't know, but it's clearly a hybrid fighting system. Definitely not Krav Maga as many people here have mistaken.

  7. SubliminalSin says:

    expert village should not be insulting the israeli martial arts with this tripe. Nothing israeli in it. You should never try to block a knife in this way, the attacker will just pull his arm back slicing the defenders arm open. Expertvillage should be removed from youtube, IMO most of the videos would get someone killed, maimed or hospitalised.

  8. HesteBremse says:

    @dariofg – Well it´s not really basic Aikido either because he would then not stay under the knife arm but slide of to the side immediately after having contact with the arm. If it´s let´s say a beer bottle or something you might risk that it drops to your head by the block. The technique itself is thou thought but its more of a variation used on a stiff opponent or when you cant´ go further.

  9. Bumbleness Supreme Brady says:

    @TheKingdomofErnor You also need to remember a normal attacker thinks he will end the fight with one strike, he doesn't expect you to counter him. Now if he was trained to do this, then yes it wouldn't work. But don't assume most attackers know what they're doing.

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