Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : How to Defend Against a Knife Attack Using Israeli Martial Arts

Learn how to defend against a knife attack in krav maga with expert tips and advice on Israeli martial arts in this free martial arts video from our Martial Arts …

44 thoughts on “Israeli Martial Arts Techniques : How to Defend Against a Knife Attack Using Israeli Martial Arts

  1. Albert Yee says:

    An X block againt a knife is obsolete. It is so easy to pull back the knife and your cut your hand and fingers. The attacker could even trap your hands and pull back the knife and stab you again! They should pressure test techniques first before showing them in public or else this might show seemingly how bad your school is and your content.

  2. Prodigy165 says:

    I love the comments about Israeli actions against the Palestinians. NO ONE ever discusses the reality of what Israel is doing to them. Too much to even begin typing. Watch "Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land" for an accurate wake-up from all the U.S. media horse shit

  3. Holy_Inferno says:

    It's funny how he showed us to how do the move but then when he did speed he completely messed it up. When he did "real time", he didn't even do the axe block, one of his arms was all the way up his opponent bicep while his other arm was all the way down the arm.

  4. Dock Vernct says:

    Real time was too slow. The attacker waited for like 1 second for the guy to execute his move. In a knife attack, just grab the hand deflect snd run away. Dint try to "stab him with his own knife"

  5. 128pagenovella says:

    Next time show us the move where you wrestle billions of dollars of 'aid' from the American tax payers despite being the richest tribe on Earth. And also the strike move where you kill thousands of Palestinian civilians while claiming to be the victims.

  6. masonmmaspecilist says:

    Which martial art/combat tactics is that? I know not it's not Krav Maga. Is it commando Krav? But must also stress that technique doesn't work against committed or trained opponents. May work against drunks though.

  7. ugur kazim says:

    To all the bad comments man, I am a security guard at londons most busy clubs and this technic does work if done properly, if you look the first thing he tells you is to move your body out the way, the is common sense guys, secondly many different ways, but this shows you one of them, and lastly the x block should be done so hard that it will hurt him and that he may even drop the knife

  8. tabkatoro says:

    one way ticket to heaven…..the good old x-block……bring both of your hands down hoping that the attack is not a feint so he can then stab you on the high line…….

  9. rexxar12345 says:

    All of these techniques, where one guy is empty handed and the other one has a knife are EXTREMELY unlikely to work, except in movies maybe. If the opponent is determined to stab you, he will at least succeed at cutting you.

  10. TheSilatiger says:

    the truth is that if you get a knifeattack from a trained silat/kali person you have no chance ,doesn't matter what system you learn,all of these krav tecniks can be countered ,they are the best with blades period

  11. benw567 says:

    Knife attacks are unpredictable. The best thing to do is RUN. If you cannot run, distance yourself from the attacker and use your legs, especially front kicks so as to maintain distance from the attacker. If possible use a wall to balance with a hand on so as to give your kicks more power and more balance.

    If you attempt to block a knife you're just going to get your arms cut to shreds, unless you're a master. These guys should be careful about what they're teaching.

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