Israeli Krav Maga: Knife Defense Series – Straight Knife Stab Defense

KRAV MAGA: Knife Defense Series: Straight Knife Stab Defense The Situation we will focus on in this video is when the attacker comes at you from the front, and …

21 thoughts on “Israeli Krav Maga: Knife Defense Series – Straight Knife Stab Defense

  1. Marianne says:

    "do not try this unless you are properly trained.." I can't agree with that. If someone attack me with a knife I would do the best I can to stay alive. Even doing something I'm not properly trained is better than letting the guy stab be. Of course if I have the opportunity to run I would do it. But even if I'm properly trained in this technique I would prefer to run if it is possible.

  2. v Stryder x says:

    The best defense against a stab is to grab his hand holding the knife and thrust it into your stomach while you slowly walk towards him, pushing the knife deeper and deeper while you make some horrifyingly fucked up growl.
    Your opponent will realize that're you're in fact an uruk-hai and he'll chop your head off. Now, you may argue and say that if you get your head decapitated, 1 out 1 time you'll die. Yes that's true, but it's a more interesting way to go than dying from some natural cause.

  3. Sifu Michael says:

    I absolutely agree. And I think all instructors and practitioners that teach and train reality based martial arts have consensus on this. It can not be stressed enough that knife defences are a last resort. Especially to our YouTube audience.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

  4. Sifu Michael says:

    If you see him with even one knife. Run. If you see him with no knife. Run. He may be concealing one. Though what is demonstrated here has a lot of merit. Dealing with a knife attack carries a tremendous amount of risk.

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