Israeli Krav Maga knife defense in Kernersville NC



This is a technique as taught to us by Master Instructor Moshe Katz of Israeli Krav International. We appreciate his approval of this …

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  1. Joseph Kennedy says:

    There is a knife attack video somewere floating around on youtube were two men were assaulted out of the blue and its very scary. Might I add that one man was stabbed in the heart and died. The thing of it was the kids responsible did not intent to kill but there you go your hearts in the middle of your chest and its a easy target. I think people should watch those videos to get an idea of what a real knife attack looks like.

  2. Charlie Smith says:

    I live in an area where on evenings some guys don't like being told no so they will push/shove repeatedly in the shoulder or lock their arms to hold the victims shoulders in a pinning position. I've learned Krav Maga is the most effective self defense for a small woman like me to defend myself against a larger attacker. could you do some videos on how to best get out of the situations and stop the attacker. basically I want to send the message of stop and allow myself enough time to get away from the situations.

  3. Fitness One says:

    Hello Dan, options are limited. We would rather you run! But when tested full speed, full power with a training blade (marked to show if/where you are cut if you are) we have seen great success with this technique. I appreciate your comment.

  4. ThePrIsMcAURA says:

    Couple of the Australian SAS guys came to my school years ago, demonstrated something similar but the basic philosophy of not trying to grab is the same, virtually 100% chance its going to be high speed thrusting attack, shanking etc more important to not allow that to continue. Though they also added that attacker is most likely going to ram their other forearm into your chest making the thrusting hips back not possible.

  5. Dan Loving says:

    I know but when you're cut, depending on where, it can be fatal, if not handy cap your ability to use your arm. What you need to do is simply get out of the way of the knife and then take control. You guys have made a great video, I just dont know about that "block" you do. Because bone against bone that hurts and you have to tense your body which makes you slower.

  6. Fitness One says:

    Hello Dan,Theoretical scenarios come unglued during the harshness of any reality. What is is more of a could be seems to be someone "looking" for a loophole in a tested technique. It is one thing to come up with things that could happen…Another thing to perform those things while being locked up and kneed in the groin.
    The exact answer, it is happening fast. Could you be cut, of course, but puncture damage has been avoided and now we have a chance!
    Thanks for your comment!

  7. Fitness One says:

    Try sometime to stab something, and punch something at the same time. It is far harder to apply that you might think. Also, if I have a superior weapon, I will be more concerned with losing that weapon than to throw a punch. This has been tested with the live blade training tool with much success.
    this is happening VERY quickly. knees blasting to groin/midsection are instant and do not allow time for someone to plan attack B.
    Thanks for the comment!

  8. Benjamin Kelly says:

    We learned this technique in Zen Kempo Ryu Jujitsu, its the first knife defense technique I was taught. Cool to know we share this technique with other self defense based martial arts! Respect 🙂

  9. mewarmo990 says:

    The method shown in this video is not the end-all way in KM to deal with a knife attack, but it shows the basic concept of simultaneously maintaining your offense to prevent the opponent from attacking effectively, then you can apply a joint lock to disarm the attacker. As he says in the video, dropping the weapon from being struck is not something you should count on.

  10. DeltaBluesClassics says:

    i was told that the best way to attack with a knife is with the blade facing down out of the bottom of the hand. that way blocking the slashes and stabs is far more difficult. (the SAS,SEALS, and green berets are taught the same) but how do you block that? i'm guessing not everyone's gonna stab at you like an angry wife with a steak knife or a bum trying to take your wallet. is there a safe way to block against a trained knife attack with the blade out the bottom of the hand?

  11. Borg says:

    This is interesting. In Kung Fu we are taught a very similar combination of the two techniques this video demonstrates. Our goal is to control the wrist like in the first, and block the weapon like in the second. Instead of just one arm blocking the weapon hand, you make an X with your arms to block it, then you can manipulate the wrist at that point and knee the chest, ribs, or break their arm. Very cool to see the similarities between fighting styles.

  12. TheFlyposter says:

    learning Krav in the UK, glad to see someone posting correct technique, so many people post videos of what is clearly not Krav under the title of Krav on YT.
    Brady2k10 It's about awareness, in our class we watch videos on knife attacks where it seems sudden, but on closer inspection there are signs of an imminent attack, giving the opportunity for a preemptive attack. YT videos won't help you much, you need to get yourself to a class and practice the drills.
    Nice videos TheFitnessonetrainer.

  13. pinhead61187 says:

    @ramusling i am not trained in any way, but that's what i was thinking, too. hell, if the attacker is gonna go for the lethal option, i wouldn't have too many reservations about breaking a bone or two.

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