43 thoughts on “Israeli Krav Maga – January 11, 2017.

  1. Jorge Martinez says:

    Thank you for showing us poor, weak, vulnerable, victims of violent crimes! How to defend ourselves! May father god almighty, lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit guide us and protect us!!

  2. mirko panichi says:

    Ok, i stopped the video after the first "tecnique"… guess what, it is as the same as the first form movement of wing chun at the dummy… you decide if this is effective or not (it is), but the point is: krav maga invented absolute nothing. Martial arts (every single of them) were developed for self defense and hard fighting; every one are killing system (when properly used, after a needed time of training, from well skilled people), developed in centuries, analyzing all the possibilities of the human body; in this scenario, krav maga do not differs, it is only younger, so if it have some possibilities it is due taking examples from other martial arts: an old chair with a fresh hand of colour.

  3. Hardrock says:

    I came here because I was looking at the picture of the girl and it said "Krav Maga" but for some reason I read "Grab Ass." I used my imagination, it came out "OK."

  4. Deaf Smith says:

    While I like hot girls I think the film needs more realistic cloths that will allow the practitioners to grab the attacker in the correct way. Street cloths guys, not sexy gym cloths.

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