46 thoughts on “Israeli Commando Knife Fighting Tutorial 3

  1. STDrepository says:

    This knife tutorial is too violent, he talks about kidney and tendon cutting. Does anyone know a tutorial about knife fighting that is more family friendly for squeamish people?

  2. Good grenade says:

    I made up mah own combo before i saw any of those vids:
    2 ultra fast slashes diagonal right left while stepping forward, attacker moving back
    You get more boost for every step until your third step is with your arm going full lengh stabbing, the boost makes you almost jump tpwards the opponent
    The first slash has to be that he kinda recognizes it so he goes defensive
    Is dis combo gud?

  3. SomeGuy says:

    Be critics when watching this type of self defense videos. You have to use what you might think it's useful.
    I see a lot of hateful comments saying this is shit. Be critics, that's the best way of learning.

  4. j lin says:

    one thing dont use you and pam out you get cut in pam you can lose the use of it pam in and its just skin and bone but you keep the hand and working

  5. Verithiell says:

    how the fuck do you expect to slash somebody in the leg, expecting not to get stabbed in the head or somewhere in your vital organs. If you see methods like this, you know this video is bullshit. do yourself a favor and Go learn Historical European Martial Arts instead.

  6. Tigerys says:

    This guy has never seen a knife fight (most likely).This looks like some kind of commercial garbage to me.Plus his hand shold be rotated by 180 degrees, because if his opponents choses to attack him and he blocks like this his palm, tendons and forearm artery is getting destroyed.
    Knife fithging is bloody, ugly and savage.

  7. Jordache Naidoo says:

    Thank you for this excellent tutorial. I never had any training with knives. I also never thought that I would be the kind of person who carries a knife but for very good reasons I have a knife on me or near me perpetually.   I now know that I was holding the knife wrong. I only knew boxing stance and footwork so I was mistakenly wielding the knife with a left foot forward stance. I've been breaking a good sweat in the mornings practicing my slash, stab combinations and rapid deployment. Much respect sir.

  8. Gus McRae says:

    Yes. Control of your blade motion by repetitions and muscle memory is the key. Do this methodically and slowly at first, and increase your speed or reaction with practice. I was taught this.
    I was taught 'muliples' in lieu of only duplicate attacks. This is the only difference between your good method and my own. I am not saying my teaching is better, but only 'different.' My Instructor taught: Three or more repetitive combos of attacks/slashes/thrusts often lead to 'opportune' points or targets on your attacker due to flinching or reacting. This was called 'opening up' an attacker for counterattack.I was taught to use up to four hooks and slashes, or either option alone, always changing the repetitions so you cannot be predicted and ambushed.
    One other strategy I was taught: carry 2 or 3 knives on your person.
    "Stealing the Negative": I heard this aplenty, and I imprinted this fine rule to do this automatically. Good one. Constant concentration on an attacker is the key here.
    Thank you, Instructor. I have learned, thanks to you; and this is optimal. Stay safe. Happy New Year to you and your family.
    I hope you make more videos! I have subscribed.  

  9. Brendan M says:

    1. Please invest in training knives, you're cutting very close to this guys face. 2. If the person is wearing protective combat gloves or has a large hand guard, is the hand still a primary target?

  10. ghosthand3of9 says:

    ely1camb. Dropping your guard to invite and attack is tactically unsound. Besides the fact that most knife attacks don't involve moving around looking for positioning. They are generally fast and direct.

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