Israeli Commando Knife Fighting Tutorial 2

Instructions for Knife Fighting Stance, Slash and Stab Angles.

21 thoughts on “Israeli Commando Knife Fighting Tutorial 2

  1. EnduringArts says:

    Any time anyone says "This is the only way" be very critical of what that person is teaching you. There are many paths to the truth in all things, this is only one. Good information though.

  2. arthur powers says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. Very informative!!! I hope I never have to use these skills, but It's better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.

  3. Random Single Guardsman says:

    Alright, so I have a question. I am currently boxing and have very well conditioned my left hand, or my non-dominant hand, to be in front. It works very comfortably and if I switch to have my right hand it front, it just feels awkward. The instructor said to have the knife in your dominant hand and your dominant hand in front. Would it be okay for me to have my left hand at the front, since I am most used to it, or should I practice and condition my right hand to be more used to moving like that.

  4. Furaxxxxx says:

    If your ever in a knifefight(lol) I wouldent worry about slashing at all.

    Will there ever be a legit street fight situation where the instigator pulls a knife, then the defender pulls a knife and they decide too go at it. Thats what I wonder.

    Would have been an epic youtube clip.

  5. wwwpwndcom says:

    I was always taught your opposite leg was meant to be forward, like if your dominant hand is your right then you put your left leg in front. Why is he doing it opposite?

  6. Gus McRae says:

    Differences: I was taught to protect my lower body (belly button down) with my off hand (hand not holding the blade). This is instituted to slap or knock away or deflect an attacker's arm, or to parry a punch. My blade protected my upper body. The off hand or 'protector hand and arm,' and the blade wielding hand, are always to work in tandem…one always protecting the other when fighting. 
    All else you teach, 'pyramid sector' and 'points of thrust/slash/stick, stepping forward to attack/stepping back to reassess or rethink when overwhelmed, are clock on similar. One important thing I was taught is never providing or producing the 'negative' position or opportunity, for an attacker to utilize against you. Aggressiveness and intimidation was also a stressed criteria. Even stomping the ground loudly with a foot was taught me; to gain the attacker's attention for a brief, strategical moment.
    Good video, Instructor. Thank you. I'm going on to your third video.

  7. John stanley says:

    Meck1786, I see your point, and I was just about to comment about the left (rear) hand positioned in front of the throat, yes, but, like you, I'd want the outer hand and  outer forearm facing the opponent, to avoid the danger of exposing the wrist and inner arm, which is how I was always taught to parry blades, if at all possible. That springing back foot does work, though, IMHO.  I still appreciate that these insights are being shared.

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